Telepass: collaboration with Enel X in the name of green mobility

Telepass ed Enel X insieme per una mobilità più green thumbnail

Thanks to a collaboration between the two brands, the electric vehicle recharging service is now available through the Telepass Pay app at Enel X bear stations throughout the country.

Telepass and Enel X announce the partnership

An interesting partnership has been announced between Telepass, the Italian leader in integrated mobility, and Enel X. The latter is a branch of the Enel Group that aims to offer solutions to accelerate innovation and guide the energy transition. The collaboration will focus on the theme of smart and sustainable mobility. In fact, the Enel X stations for recharging electric vehicles have been integrated into the Telepass Pay app.

Telepass’s goal seems to be to offer an increasingly complete ecosystem of digital services for mobility. All through the appropriate application, from which it is already possible to pay the various tolls in cashless mode. The new function therefore allows you to select the Enel X recharge service and, through the map, identify the nearest available recharging point among the more than 13 thousand installed by the company throughout the boot.

A collaboration able to satisfy both brands

“The agreement we are signing with Telepass is a clear example of how electric mobility is increasingly central to the business strategies of companies dealing with integrated mobility solutions”. He has declared Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia. “From today for all Telepass customers it will be even easier and faster to find Enel X recharging points. This is thanks to a capillary network that covers the whole country and is entirely visible on the Telepass app”

“Thanks to this partnership, we are adding a new step to the commitment to increasingly green mobility” – he commented Gabriele Benedetto, Chief Executive Officer of Telepass. “Electric mobility is increasingly present in our daily life, especially in urban centers. Our goal is to contribute to the expansion of green travel modes. With this in mind, in fact, on the app it is already possible to rent electric scooters, bicycles and scooters to move around the city while respecting the environment. Alternatively, it is possible to book a home car wash provided by the eco-sustainable car washing startup Wash Out, part of the Telepass Group “.

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