Telepass continues to expand the sharing mobility offer

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Telepass the expansion of the services continues sharing mobility through the introduction of scooters, bicycles and electric scooters by Bit Mobility. The rental of Bit Mobility scooters, bikes and electric scooters is now possible in 24 cities also through the Telepass app Let’s find out all the details together.

Telepass and Bit Mobility: it is now possible to rent a vehicle with both apps

Bit Mobility is the operator of micromobility present in Italy twenty-four cities: Bari, Bergamo, Florence, La Spezia, Lecce, Novara, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Piacenza, Pisa, Pescara, Prato, Taranto, Trento, Venice, Verona, Brindisi, Francavilla, Quartu Sant’Elena, Ragusa, Cattolica, Reggio Calabria, Rimini.

Telepass it is instead the app that allows the payment for integrated mobility serviceswithout the use of cash, using only your smartphone.

Starting today, to rent a vehicle Bit Mobilityit will be enough to be Telepass customer. You will then have to enter theTelepass free mobile application and locate the closest vehicle to then unlock it. Users will now be able to move freely within the operational area of ​​the City, easily recognizable from the in-app map. Furthermore, they will be able to leave the vehicles at the end of the ride in areas that do not hinder road traffic or by parking free of charge in all spaces delimited by white or blue lines.

The statements of the two companies

Aldo AgostinelliChief Consumer Sales and Marketing Officer of Telepass, declares:

“The entry of Bit Mobility’s ecological vehicles into our integrated mobility ecosystem expands the offer of sharing mobility in the city, promoting travel that is both eco-sustainable and simple. Telepass is not only the payment of motorway tolls without queues at the toll booths, but it also makes life easier for people on the move in cities and with Bit Mobility vehicles we add a new mobility experience.”

Gianmaria CrivellenteCo-founder e Ceo Bit Mobility, afferma:

“The partnership with Telepass certifies the role of Bit Mobility as a national point of reference in a constantly growing sector such as that of sharing mobility. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to carry on our corporate mission with conviction: to promote a new culture based on the concept of sustainable mobility in urban and suburban areas, with particular attention to the reduction of the environmental impact and highly technological forms of transport , secure and immediate”.

The transformation of Telepass therefore continues from motorway toll operator a dynamic protagonist of smart mobility. With a single subscription and a single app it is in fact possible to access a invisible payment circuit to offer an integrated mobility experience, with a constantly evolving service platform.