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Online shopping, beware of scams: which are the most used sites by Italians

In fact, cases of online scam are not rare, since obviously many criminals are getting married with the boom in digital purchases.

Today we often hear about online shopping, and it could not be otherwise, considering that nowadays most families do not give up on this comfort. On the other hand, if on the one hand e-commerce offer a quick and convenient purchase channel, on the other hand you have to be careful and proceed with the lead. In fact, cases of online scam are not rare, since obviously many criminals are getting married with the boom in digital purchases. So let’s try to deepen this very interesting theme.

The convenience of online purchases and the safety factor

Currently, Italians often shop on the web, not only because of the enormous availability in terms of online products and services, but also because of a growing confidence in the security factor. This element, however, can lead to making some mistakes that are potentially harmful to your privacy and the security of your account or devices.

It means that the attention bar must always be kept very high, trying to make sure of the reliability of the platforms used for shopping on the internet. First, every legal and authorized e-commerce should have their unique VAT number in the website footer. In this regard, to ensure the reliability of the site, it is possible to verify the VAT number, using specialized services in providing this type of information.

Secondly, it is important to verify security at the communication protocol level, with HTTPS and SSL certificate always present and active. Otherwise, some hackers could steal your sensitive card details when making the payment on the checkout page. Finally, beware of rather common scams such as phishing, and it is always the case to surf with an active professional antivirus.

What are the most used websites for online purchases

The Italians obviously use in the first place the large international e-commerce, as in the case of Amazon, by far the most exploited. They do it for a security issue and for some pro-consumer policies such as guaranteed returns. Of course, even old workhorses like eBay continue to have a rather large audience, thanks to systems such as auctions, which are fun as well as useful for saving.

Among the most popular latest generation e-commerce we find a must such as Zalando, which is considered as one of the main platforms in the online fashion sector. Wish is also often used, although the quality of the products is rather questionable, but in terms of cost savings it is unmatched. In recent years, Asian shops have also spread to Italy, as in the case of AliExpress: here you can find lots of bargains, although it is necessary to wait a while for the products to be shipped.