Tesla Cybertruck postponed to next year

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In all likelihood, we will have to wait until next year to be able to drive the most anticipated futuristic pickup: Tesla Cybertruck has been postponed to 2022. Although the company assures that production is expected to start by the end of this year, the window for a commercial launch later this year is closing.

Tesla Cybertruck postponed to 2022

During Tesla’s latest quarterly analysis in front of investors, the company revealed that “due to limited battery cell availability and global supply chain difficulties, we have postponed the launch of our semi truck program until 2022. “. Furthermore, the company explained that it will begin production of this vehicle after starting the Model Y production at the new Austin, Texas facility.

No clear confirmation on the likely release date. Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy explains: “The Cybertruck is in the alpha stage. We have finished the basic engineering of the structure. Preserves much of the package structure [batteria] of the Model Ys built in Berlin and Austin. Obviously, these have priority over Cybertruck, but we’re moving into beta by the end of the year. And we think of start production in Texas as soon as Model Y is ready ”.

Elon Musk he explained that the reason for the delays was to be found in the lack of chips. “To produce in quantities that Cybertruck and Semi are ready for customers, we need to solve the lack of chips with our suppliers “.

According to the CEO, the battery cell situation should improve next year, making it easier to launch the vehicle. Because building a few units costs too much. “We can build a small number of units but the cost effect is insane, like it would cost a million dollars a unit or more,” Musk explains.

So we have to wait until 2022 to see the futuristic truck plow the asphalt.