Tesla Model Y drops price: Here’s how much it costs now

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Tesla has decided to lower the price of the Tesla Model Y, decreasing by 4,300 euros for the rear-wheel drive version, which we can now find at the figure of 42,690 euros and we can also purchase it with the ecobonus

The Teslaa company headed by the entrepreneur Elon Musk (read his biography here) decided to lower the price of Tesla Model Y. This car has become one of the best-selling cars in 2023, you can find all the data on the car’s sales here, so those who were planning to buy it will be happy to hear this news. This happens because they want to entice people to buy low emission cars, to support ecology and the environment. Now, in fact, the Tesla Model Y, in the Rear Wheel Drive version with rear electric motor and a range of 455 km, costs 42.690 euro.

Tesla Model Y drops price: Here's how much it costs now

The price drop for the Tesla Model Y

As regards the basic version of the Model Y, this is a cut of well 4.300 euro compared to the previous price, while the Long Range with a range of 533 km it dropped to 49.990 euro and finally the Performance now it’s expensive 55.990 euro. Considering the Model Y will have some updates during 2024, with this price drop Tesla will focus much more on sales before the Model Y receives a restyling. Recall that the company made a similar move with the Model 3lowering prices before the presentation of the new model.

Speaking of the Model 3, this Tesla would also currently enter the maximum limit of 35,000 euros excluding VAT. In fact this car costs around 42.490 euro in the rear-wheel drive version, this means most likely the price of the Model 3 will also drop. The Dual Motor with all-wheel drive, however, the current price is 49,990 euros, so let’s prepare for a price cut on this too. The official criteria of these purchase incentives to support ecology will be defined shortlyalthough access to natural persons with a ISEE less than 30,000 euros. We will have more information in the coming months.

What do you say? Will you take advantage of this price cut to purchase the Tesla Model Y? Let us know yours in the comments section below. Stay with us on techgameworld.com to find other news from the world of motoring and much more.