Tesla Robotaxi coming in 2024

Tesla al lavoro su un Robotaxi, produzione in serie possibile dal 2024 thumbnail

Tesla set new sales and profit records in the first quarter of 2022. As part of the corporate data presentation, Elon Musk has revealed more about a new vehicle planned for production (likely) in 2024, namely a Robotaxi.

At the opening of the “Gigafactory” di Tesla in Texas, Musk had revealed that the company was designing a vehicle specifically developed for autonomous passenger transport. “We are also working on a new vehicle that I mentioned when I opened Giga Texas. It is a customized robotaxi highly optimized for autonomy, which means it will have no steering wheel or pedals “, Musk said during the videoconference.

The self-driving model will come with a number of other innovations that Musk finds very exciting: “Basically, it’s optimized to get the lowest cost per mile or kilometer. I think it will be a very interesting product ”.

Tesla’s Robotaxi will allow travel at very low prices

Musk esteem that the cost of a ride in a Tesla robotic taxi will be less than a conventional bus ticket. The new series is also expected to be an important driver for the company’s growth.

Tesla’s Robotaxi is expected to be unveiled no earlier than next year. Volume production is expected to start in 2024.

Musk has been hinting at Robotaxi for years, but he has never talked about a self-driving vehicle like the one he described Wednesday.

In addition to electric cars, Tesla has long focused on automated driving functions. The vision is that a fleet of independent vehicles will later transport their owners comfortably and also provide mobility in wide commercial use. This should be done with mid-range vehicles such as the Model 3 and Model Y, which already have the basic hardware to implement this project. Tesla is already offering software for automated operation with its current electric cars, but fully autonomous driving is not yet reliably possible.

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