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WhatsApp: the Pegasus case is a “wake up call” for the internet

The boss of WhatsApp Will Cathcart commented on the recent scandal regarding the spyware Pegasus, which for the executive was a “wake-up call” for the entire internet world. And it cannot be taken lightly, as according to Cathcart did Apple, because “phones are safe for everyone or they are not safe for anyone”.

WhatsApp boss comments on Pegasus spyware

Amnesty International recently revealed a target list of the Pegasus spyware, which NSO Group, an Israeli company, creates to monitor terrorists and criminals. The problem is that they are in the list activists, journalists and even heads of state of democratic countries, because the company would also sell the software to nations that do not respect civil rights.

Over 50,000 phones have been brought under surveillance according to reports from reporters who are verifying the story, although the NSO Group continues to assert that these are all unsubstantiated theories.

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In any case, Cathcart thinks the response from the companies that make the software and devices attacked by Pegasus must be vigorous. In fact he praised the comments from Google and Microsoft about “the dangers of granting immunity to spyware companies like NSO”. While, on the other hand, it considers Apple’s comment insufficient, which has assured users that only some users can be attacked this way and not all iPhone users. So as long as you are not journalists and activists fighting dictatorial regimes or democratic heads of state, you are not at risk.

“I hope Apple starts to take this approach too. Raise your voice, join us. It’s not enough to say that most of our users don’t have to worry about this. It is not enough to say ‘oh, these are a few tens of thousands of victims’. If it affects journalists around the world, if it affects human rights activists around the world, it also involves all of us. And if anyone’s phone isn’t safe, everyone’s phone isn’t safe. “

The NSO Group he responded to the Guardian saying, “We are doing our best to create a safer world. What if Mr. Cathcart has other alternatives than allowing law enforcement and intelligence agencies to legally detect and prevent acts of pedophiles, terrorists and criminals using end-to-end encrypted platforms? If so, we would be happy to know ”.

NSO shifts attention away from the fact that i intercepted journalists and activists are neither pedophiles nor terrorists. But there are many ways to check for criminal activity without having to clone suspicious phones. From algorithms that monitor accounts with child pornography to IP tracking. The question deserves much more discussion than the simply remember that there are criminals in the world. We need a way to protect the privacy of those who do not commit these crimes. We will keep you updated on developments on this issue.

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