Tesla second china factory in shangai

Tesla sta progettando di aprire una seconda fabbrica in Cina thumbnail

Tesla is planning to build a second factory in China, specifically at its Shanghai headquarters, according to Reuters news agency. As known, the US electric car manufacturer already operates a plant in the Chinese city. The production capacity in China is expected to more than double with the second production site which will be built right next to the first. This would allow Tesla to increase production by approximately two million units per year in the short to medium term.

From what has been learned, construction work on the new plant should start as early as next month. Just as a yardstick, it should be remembered that the time it took to build the first factory in Shanghai was really very short, i.e. about a year. If both plants operate at full capacity, Tesla could build more cars a year in China than established competitors like Toyota, General Motors or Volkswagen. taking into account their current production capacities.

Tesla, in addition to the second factory in China, has in mind the expansion of the one already active

In the Gigafactory 3 – the existing Tesla plant in Shanghai – the US automaker currently produces the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, which was essential to Tesla’s record deliveries in 2021. Shanghai-produced cars accounted for about half of the 936,000 vehicles delivered globally. A significant expansion of the plant, which Reuters says is also part of the investments on site, is expected to increase annual capacity from about 450,000 units to about one million in the coming monthsdepending on the availability of components such as semiconductors.

Confirming the probable opening of a new factory in China, Tesla is looking for employees. The first working day after the Chinese New Year, the automaker has posted a call for applications on their WeChat account : Over 1,500 positions are currently advertised. Previously, Tesla had said it wanted to increase its workforce from 4,000 employees to 19,000 by April.

However, Tesla and the city of Shanghai have not yet confirmed the rumors.