Tokyo Game Show 2022: this year the fair will be in attendance

As with many other trade fairs, the Tokyo Game Show suffered greatly from the pandemic situation due to COVID 19, as the Japanese conference took place totally online in 2020 and only open to insiders in 2021. Now it seems that the Tokyo Game Show is ready to return in attendance, starting right from this 2022, as announced by CEASE.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be in attendance

This year’s Tokyo Game Show already has dates to refer to, and it will take place from 15 to 18 September: in truth, however, the fair will not take place exactly as in previous years, but will be organized in stages. From 15 to 16 it will be open only to insiders and professionals in the sector, while from 17 to 18 even the consumer public will be able to visit its rooms without limitations.

It is no coincidence in this sense that this year’s slogan is the catch phrase: nothing stops gaming, which underlines precisely the return to the fair after two years of forced stop due to Covid, a news of which we could only be happier. It is difficult to predict what will be shown on this stage for now, given that there are still months to go until the fateful date.

The fair, however, is confirmed as a staple of the Japanese gaming industry, despite all these stops that it has had to undergo during the last two years of Covid. We will see if this event will be able to resonate also for us Westerners, given that the fascination towards the Tokyo Game Show in that of the old continent and the USA has gradually waned, also due to some particularly subdued editions.

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