Tesla’s Autopilot comes under investigation in the US

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa) initiated a formal investigation into the Tesla Autopilot. The autonomous driving system of the Californian company has come under the magnifying glass of the American agency that deals with road safety. As reported by Nhtsa, in fact, the Tesla Autopilot would present some difficulties in the recognition of vehicles in emergency stop.

Tesla’s Autopilot Not Working As It Should? An investigation begins in the USA

The investigations launched by the American security agency concern a total of 765 thousand vehicles produced by Tesla and equipped with Autopilot. In particular, under investigation there are the Model Y, the Model X and the Model 3. Between January 2018 and July 2021, 11 incidents would have been recorded currently under investigation with 17 injured and one dead. It should be noted that in recent weeks, Tesla’s systems had already made the headlines due to some malfunctions that forced the Californian house to release an update in China on almost all of the annual production of vehicles.

Nhtsa investigates autonomous driving systems

In order to accurately assess the actual safety of autonomous driving solutions, such as the Tesla Autopilot, Nhtsa has imposed some very specific regulations on manufacturers. The accidents involving vehicles equipped with ADAS or level 3-5 autonomous driving systems they should be reported to the institution. In this way, it will be possible to assess in the shortest possible time the presence of any security risks associated with the use of these systems.

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