Tesla’s Superchargers will soon be usable by other electric vehicles

I Supercharger di Tesla saranno presto utilizzabili da altri veicoli elettrici thumbnail

Photo Credits: Tesla | Electrek

The owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles they may be able to use some Superchargers. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, in fact revealed on Twitter that the company it will open its Supercharger network to other vehicles by the end of the year.

Tesla will allow Superchargers to be used to charge electric cars from other manufacturers

Elon Musk claimed that Tesla will give users a chance to use some Superchargers to be able to recharge electric cars from other manufacturers. Musk has long talked about making the network accessible to other electric cars, and as CNBC notes, he mentioned late last year that some brands were already trying to gain access to Tesla’s charging stations. We now have a better idea of When this could happen.

Opening your network to other companies won’t be easy in North America, as Tesla uses a proprietary connector there. He must make sure that the stations work with all brands and that it is possible to have the software communicate securely between a non-Tesla car and the Supercharger. The transition could be easier in Europe, where the automaker already uses standard CCS connectors.

Electrek reported in June that Tesla is already in talks with Norwegian authorities and which has asked for incentives to install charging stations that will also be available for non-Tesla vehicles “from the third quarter of 2022”. The German Transport Minister has also previously revealed that he is in direct contact with Tesla and other companies to make sure existing infrastructures such as Superchargers are “open to other manufacturers as well.”

Musk unfortunately didn’t give any further details in his tweet, so we have yet to know which Superchargers first will be available to other vehicles. He said, however, that over time the network will open up to other brands in all countries in which Superchargers are present. Good news for all non-Tesla electric vehicle owners.