Teufel Airy Sports review: earphones designed for sportsmen!

Airy Sports review by Teufel. Designed specifically for sportsmen, they have finally arrived. Will they meet our expectations? Find out with us in this review

Devil, one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of audio products, has finally decided to enter the Italian market as well. He also did this with the Airy Sports, earphones in-ear especially meant for users who want to have music at their fingertips too during sports sessions more frenetic. After all, the name itself says, they were designed especially for the world of sport. Let’s see them in more detail.

Data sheet

  • Weight: 20g
  • Compatibility: android, iOS
  • Bluetooth: 5.0, aptX, AAC
  • Certification: IPX7
  • Sound Adjustment: Yes
  • Frequency range from / to: 10-20.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm

Package Contents and Design | Teufel Airy Sports Review

In the package, very minimal, we find the headphones, the micro USB charging cable and the custody. They are also included two extra pairs of adapters as for the ear pads, in this way the comfort for your ear is guaranteed. The design of these earphones takes up the classic look of most headphones designed for sports. In particular, it can be seen that the arches have been designed to support the movement of the body, guaranteeing the maximum stability of the headphones even during movement, such as, for example, during a run.

Teufel Airy Sports review: earphones designed for sportsmen!

The Airy Sports have a small remote control in the part of the wire immediately below the right earphone. It features 3 physical buttons which perform the function of volume adjustment, answer and end for calls e voice assistant activation. On the side there is also the charging input which, unfortunately, is still of the Micro USB type.

Teufel Airy Sports review: earphones designed for sportsmen!

The case has neither the possibility of recharging nor its own dedicated housing, perhaps magnetic, where to allocate them once the listening sessions are over. They might turn out inconvenient to reinsert if you don’t have a lot of time or freedom of movement. In itself, however, it is well done: it is totally in fabric, and rigid, to protect the headphones from bumps, but perhaps it could have been thought a little more “smart”.

Functionality and comfort | Teufel Airy Sports Review

These earphones enjoy IPX7 certification, which makes them immune to splashes of water and sweat, perfect for outdoor activities. The possibility of listening is also very interesting the same audio track from two different Airy Sports pairs at the same time. This feature is especially useful in couple workouts or simply if you are watching the same movie or TV series on streaming services. It should also be noted that they are totally compatible with all operating systems.

The pairing system is not based on an automatic recognition system, and all this translates into a slightly “cumbersome and slow” connection, especially for those who are not used to associating Bluetooth devices to their devices. Even in the sheet with the instructions for the first use is not fully explained for those who are beginners. It must be emphasized, however, that it is obviously not impossible, it might just take a little patience to understand, nothing more, just follow the items in the App. Regarding this aspect, the Airy Sports are also equipped with the aforementioned official application call “Teufel Headphones”, downloadable for both Android both for iOS in their respective stores.

This allows us to take advantage of a equalizer to modify the sound output from the earphones to our liking. Regarding the comfort it must be said that they do not cause any kind of annoyance even in very long listening sessions. They do not hurt your ear while practicing sports and, if you wear glasses, they don’t create any kind of problem, but this can depend on the more or less thick frame and the shape of your ear.

In addition, as already mentioned before they come with 3 different rubber sizes, which adapt to any need. Speaking of the battery, on the other hand, we can safely say that they reach the 20 abundant hours of playback, almost in line with the 25 guaranteed by the company, a really good result.

Audio quality | Teufel Airy Sports Review

And here we are at perhaps the most important point for such a product: the sound quality. These Airy Sports don’t sound bad, feel good and play music pretty good. Unfortunately, however, the sound quality does not enjoy such depth, the mids and highs are well balanced but the lows leave something to be desired.

Obviously they are not headphones designed and intended for gaming, where bass and latency are higher, but in any case, unfortunately, it remains an aspect that is unfortunately little considered, actually penalizing the final performance of the earphones. The general quality is not bad, mind you, but to listen to certain musical genres, with marked bass, you should look elsewhere. On call I must say that they behave very well in any situation.

Teufel Airy Sports review: earphones designed for sportsmen!

The microphone is noteworthy and the interlocutor’s voice is clear, as if you had the phone against your ear. Also reception is excellent. After all, we still have the integration of a driver HD lineare, gives 12mm, and an aluminum voice coil to ensure clean audio supplied with the microphone.

In conclusion

These Airy Sports were a pleasant surprise in some ways, but they are not suitable for all types of users. If what you are looking for, it matches headphones excellent comfort side and, that they keep you company during your training sessions, then they could really be for you. But if you are looking for a remarkable sound quality and would like to use your earphones even and only to listen to music at high levels, and you are particularly demanding, then look elsewhere, these Teufels may not be the best choice in this regard. They are not suitable for audiophiles in short, or to those who prefer sound quality over any other feature.

The Teufel Airy Sports are available for purchase on the official store.

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A starting point for sportsmen

Points in favor

  • Excellent comfort
  • Solid bluetooth connection

Points against

  • The case could have been “smarter”
  • Micro USB charging
  • Not very consistent bass
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