TGA 2021: shown a new trailer of Steelrising with exit window!

On the night of TGA 2021, games still unknown in many respects were shown, and Steelrising was initially one of them

While most people in Europe were sleeping soundly, the overwhelming portion of the gaming population was attending The Game Awards 2021. The event had held big promise in the previous days, with the arrival of more than forty games to be presented between one award ceremony and the other. Returning to the presence, the appearances of various celebrities and guests are also re-proposed, but whatever that may be the focus of this transmission this time it was mainly video games, given the many titles long awaited and postponed to the following years.

As well as there have been games that have been widely shown on different occasions, other works wanted to exploit a stage of this size to reveal themselves a little more; among them, it was known that Steelrising would also place at TGA 2021.

Steelrising officially shown at TGA 2021

Before being seen in detail with a trailer at TGA 2021, Steelrising was originally shown in the first Nacon Connect event, only to reappear this year. The title belongs to the Spiders studio, creators of Greedfall, a game that, despite the problems, has been very successful among gamers. The news of the appearance at The Game Awards had been confirmed a few days earlier, prompting interested users to tune in to the live broadcasts so as not to miss any new information. Here is the new Steelrising trailer complete with a release window set for June 2022:

Meanwhile, the founding part was already known the plot of the game: playing the role of the Aegis automaton, guard of the French queen Marie Antoinette, the player will have to interrupt the guerrilla aims of Louis XVI, at work to create an army of robots. The developers claimed that the gameplay could vaguely recall the style of the Souls, but we know well how this phrase is now quite common and often it causes different expectations from those you intend to give. Anyway, Steelrising has once again unleashed its peculiar story, in the trailer released tonight.

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