TGA 2021: trailer for Slitterhead, horror game from the creator of Silent Hill

During the TGA 2021 Keiichirou Toyoama showed his new horror game long anticipated, and created with his own independent studio: it will be called Slitterhead

News of a new Silent Hill game had been awaited for some time now. The rumors about it have chased each other over the years, but the options were really numerous: it was thought to some phantom remakes scheduled, or even remasters and games that would have figured a role also for Kojima behind the series, after the parenthesis with the demo released years ago and then never developed further. Tonight, during The Game Awards, there was an important novelty that has shaken the fans of the well-known horror series, thanks to the announcement at TGA 2021 of the brand new game from the creators of Silent Hill: it is Slitterhead.

Slitterhead trailer shown at TGA 2021

The new work of Keiichirou Toyama, author not only of the famous Silent Hill saga, but also of SIREN and Gravity Rush, was born through his newborn development studio, the Bokeh Game Studio. It was founded after Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japan Studio team had to shut down due to the company’s evolving aspirations. After setting up his own studio, Toyoama had from the very beginning provided some small indiscretions related to the connotations that his brand new work would have had, especially noting a gameplay with an action adventure and horror nature, not a little attracting fans aware of his previous works.

At TGA 2021, Toyoama unveiled the Slitterhead trailer, thus returning to relive the first experience that launched him in his career as a director, when he found success in 1999 with Silent Hill, his first horror game. In the game’s trailer, the setting appears to be in the middle to the poorest areas of Hong Kong, with disturbing atmospheres in the background that are highlighted from the beginning of the video. Deformed and hideous-looking monsters are shown, attacking the population on the streets of the city.

Creatures possess of faces torn entirely by gigantic mouths, with which they then go to devour the unfortunate. In addition, there will also be combat on Slitterhead. This aspect had already been anticipated in some previous Toyoama statements, and the video trailer gives a first taste of it. We can therefore see a person wearing a helmet and motorcycle clothes, while he cuts through the various beings with a sword that he managed to create by solidifying his own blood.

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