TGA 2022: Hades 2 unveiled with announcement trailer

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The Game Awards 2022 open the dance by unveiling Hades 2 to a great surprise, accompanied by the announcement trailer to be discovered

Supergiant Games was the first to showcase its new game during The Game Awards 2022 and announced to a big surprise Hades 2 with a great trailer. Yes, the sequel to his acclaimed rogue-lite it is reality and promises to be an unforgettable adventure. This time we will have the Princess of the Underworld as the protagonistready to face waves of fearsome infernal enemies along its path.

Hades 2 unveiled during the event with a crackling trailer

In the Hades 2 trailer we can see that the gameplay is very similar to the original: a adrenaline-pumping isometric rogue-lite hack-and-slash. The new character wields two daggers and will be able to obtain various power-ups and blessings from mythological deities such as Apollo, Nemesis and others. Kronos seems to be the main antagonist of this new chapter and Hades is in chains without knowing who is guilty. Like the first chapter, the game will be a fast, responsive experience and gorgeous just like its predecessor.

Hades 2 will be released in early access and beyond that there is no other information about it. Even on which platforms it will be released remains a mystery, however considering the extreme similarity of the game to the first chapter, it is assumed that it will be released on all consoles of this generation and on PC. Surely more details will come in 2023 so we just have to wait for further updates from Supergiant Games to find out more. Have you never heard of this game and want to recover the first chapter first? Find out in our detailed review about it.

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