The benefits of turning a blog into a smartphone app

The benefits of turning a blog into a smartphone app

Converting a blog into a dedicated app will allow followers and loyal readers to stay up to date with greater ease

We are used to contact the web for any doubt, curiosity or question and most of the time it is about blog that we disembark to find the answers that we seek. On the other hand, given the high level of specialization now reached by most portals, these offer themselves as ideal containers of information and quality insights. Being able to stay in the user’s mind is important to develop that relationship of trust which will serve to carry out various projects over time, both of nature informative than more marketing oriented.

The conversion allows users easier access

Let a blogger than a company who have developed their own blog will benefit greatly from transformation of the site into a smartphone app. Now there is one for every activity, millions of them are downloaded a day around the world and are ideal tools for stay in touch with people in a non-invasive way. The great success of app development for Android is due to the exceptional spread of smartphones – and tablets – that use it operating system developed by Google. As for the time slots of greatest use of the apps, they are usually the one that goes from 16 to 17 and then from 20 to 21. converting a blog into an app dedicated will allow followers and loyal readers of always stay up to date – more easily – with regard to latest published content. The latter can be accessed with a simple touch of the screen, without necessarily having to go through the login on the browser.

Apps are the engine of our electronic devices

Since i electronic devices connected to the internet are increasing in number, consequently the possibility for a blog to reach an ever larger user base through an app. The ‘classic’ sites, those that can only be accessed via the internet by typing ‘www’, are increasingly taking a back seat as regards the navigation via smartphone. The reason is obvious: we are more and more get used to using mobile phones and tablets to carry out any activity, including working. They have become real handyman assistants, tools to communicate that can be used at any time of day and wherever you are. Apps are the engine.

Intuitiveness, design and usability: the importance of the project

The main advantage that an app offers over other tools to browse online is represented by theintuitiveness (which embraces both the simplification that the speed of use). Another advantage of apps is the fact that they are able to incorporate every feature that characterizes the blog.

Especially in the event that the choice of turning the blog into an app is a company, it will be necessary rely on a team of specialists who will work onusability and on graphic aspects but not only. The design features, the font with which to present the navigation menu and contents, set the colors of each sector of the app (this aspect is very important for the success of the platform).