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Witch Watch: first impressions of the new Shinohara manga

Jump’s proposal of the week is Witch Watch, the new romantic and supernatural comedy by Kenta Shinohara. Between a bungling witch and a human-looking ogre, fun seems guaranteed

We are almost at the end of the first battery, of new manga for Weekly Shonen Jump of 2021. Today is the turn of Witch Watch, the new manga by Kenta Shinohara.

Shinohara is no rookie, and boasts a resume of respect, even for the level of mangaka chosen for this drum kit. In fact, he already has two successfully serialized manga for Shueisha: Sket Dance and science fiction Astra Lost in Space. His experience shines through in the first pages of his new work, in which he explores a genre new to him, the supernatural / magical.

Again, no series ends to make room for the new title, although, with another one coming next week, some short-term closure seems inevitable.

As usual, the first chapter of Witch Watch is available for free on the MangaPlus website, which has just been renewed.

Witch Watch, the good, classic romantic comedy

Morihito he is a teenager with a human aspect, but his heritage hides something else. In fact he is a ogre, a creature descended from animals, endowed with immeasurable strength. From this force also follows responsibility: Morihito is forced to suffer the attacks of the bullies, as responding would mean risking to seriously hurt them. Responsible and poised guy, it doesn’t weigh on him.

However, her life is about to change: in fact, her childhood friend Nobody, will return to town. She is one witch, and, given the friendship between the two families, Morihito was chosen as his familiar and protector. With the father of the ogre boy leaving, the two will live alone, under the same roof.

Niko, prone to mental films and rather careless, is excited by the new situation, and immediately begins to do damage with her magic. For manager Morihito, this is a difficult task.

There are all the prerequisites for an exciting romantic comedy: the two boys are pleasant and funny characters, and they look like a beautiful couple. In addition, there is an action component, which makes Witch Watch attractive to a wide audience. A mature and captivating style, without excessive deformities, completes the picture.

Witch Watch, which seems, like it or not, to pick up the legacy of Guardian of the Witch and turn it into something completely different, is a very promising title. Depending on the direction it takes in the next few chapters, it could have what it takes to succeed.

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