The best Android applications of 2022

Google awards the best Android apps and games of 2022

Now there is an application for everything: from productivity to fitness and from health to social media, the solutions you can install on your smartphone are almost endless. Then choose the best applications for android to be installed at the conclusion of this 2022 it is certainly not a walk in the park and, precisely for this reason, we have decided to help you by collecting what – in our opinion – they are not to be missed.

1Password and LastPass, the best Android applications to manage your passwords

The safety it is a fundamental aspect when it comes to using a device, be it a smartphone, a PC or a tablet. Precisely for this reason we have decided to start the list of the best Android applications with a password manager that help us to save all our credentials in a safe place – avoiding having to save them in easily accessible notes and documents – and above all allow each new registration to generate strong and secure passwords.

Photo credits: 1Password.

Applications like 1Password o LastPass, in fact, they allow us to keep all our login credentials for websites and apps safe, as well as credit card data, our passport and much more. Everything is protected by a master password, which you will have to choose, and which will give you access to the list of saved credentials. This way you can use credentials hard to guess and therefore safe – as well as different for each site – without having to remember them all by heart. Furthermore, precisely because your imagination could lead you to always choose the same passwords to use, these password managers include a credential generator secure. Furthermore, the archive will be available on all your devices, constantly synchronizing the various passwords on your smartphone, PC and tablet.

1Password, after a 14-day free trial period, is available for $2.99/month with the personal plan and $4.99/month with the family plan. LastPass, on the other hand, includes a free plan with access from a single device, or a premium plan for 2.90 euros per month and the family plan for 3.90 euros, both available as a free trial for 30 days.

1Password 8

1Password 8

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

NordVPN, the application for safe browsing

Remaining in the field of security, it is now essential to have one VPN to navigate in peace, especially when using the public networks accessible to all, such as at airports and hotels. In fact, connecting to these networks without any protective shield means making life very easy for any attacker who, connected to the same network, wants to obtain sensitive information on your device. Using a VPN like NordVPNone of the best on the market, you can protect yourself and avoid running into annoying security problems.

NordVPN serverPhoto credits: NordVPN.

Furthermore, lately, VPNs have also become famous for being able to connect to servers in other countries, such as the United States, to take advantage of streaming content not available in your country. Or, conversely, to be able to enjoy Italian content when you are abroad.

NordVPN is available in three different plans – Standard, Plus and Complete – and three durations: monthly, one year and two years. The 2-year Standard plan costs 80.73 euros, therefore 2.99 euros per month, and it is the most beneficial. The same one-year plan costs 4.49 euros per month and the monthly plan costs 11.99 euros. Then the difference between the various levels, therefore Standard Plus and Complete, lies in the possibility of having an integrated password manager, a scanner that checks if one’s credentials have been violated and, for the Complete plan, also 1TB of encrypted cloud storage. By visiting this page, you can also take advantage of one three month discount on the 2-year plan.

NordVPN - Fast and Secure VPN

NordVPN - Fast and Secure VPN

Notion, one of the best Android apps for productivity

Photo credits: Notion.

Notion is an application – available for all devices and also via web access – which became very popular in 2022 because it allows you to increase your productivity. The program allows you to take notes, then create real notes, organizing your work in the best possible way and also creating group projects, thanks to the sharing of notes. It’s a very application simple to usebut at the same time complete and incredibly useful to never miss a deadline or take notes during a brief.

Notion is available for free and allows you to create a unlimited number of notes, share them with 5 other people and synchronize the contents with all their devices. In addition, a plan is also available “Personal Pro” at 4 dollars a month, for sharing with an unlimited number of people and other advantages that for many, however, are not fundamental.

Notion - notes, docs, tasks

Notion - notes, docs, tasks

Petrol prices, to monitor fuel prices

The fluctuating prices of diesel and petrol cause you to choose the cheaper fuel station is fundamental. Fortunately, there are several applications for our Android smartphone that help us check the prices of petrol, diesel and other types of fuel in real time to choose the cheapest petrol station.

Gasoline prices app

The application that we want to recommend, in this case, is “Petrol prices”, the most famous for consulting fuel prices. Using the geolocation, it is possible to view the nearby petrol stations on the map and at a glance discover the cheapest one based on the type of fuel chosen – petrol, diesel, LPG, special petrol, special diesel or methane.

By clicking on a distributor on the map it is possible to obtain the address, while by clicking on the symbol for information it is possible to open the detailed screen. Here you will find a lot of useful data, from the telephone number to the timetables – if entered – the types of services offered and the detail of all retailer prices, with the ability to see how many days ago the last update was. If you go to the distributor and notice a difference in price compared to the application, you can update the prices yourself for free, by entering the correct figure. Below the prices there is a list of the services offered, such as the car wash, the accepted payment methods and the reviews.

Petrol prices - LPG and CNG

Petrol prices - LPG and CNG

JustWatch: how not to miss the best streaming content

best android applications justwatch

JustWatch is one of the best Android applications to install on your smartphone: trust me, you won’t be able to do without it. A few years ago choosing which film or TV series to watch was quite simple, in fact it was enough to go to Netflix and browse the catalog. But now that the streaming services market is becoming more and more competitive and each service has its own exclusives, browsing each catalog has become really difficult.

Precisely for this reason JustWatch can become your valid helper, given that tracks all content across 37 streaming services, showing you where you can find a certain movie or TV show. In fact, just search for the title to find out if that content is available on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+ or other services. Also, it shows you whether the content is also available for rental or purchase.

You can also search for new content to watch in the “popular” and “new” sections of the app, discovering new movies or TV series. Furthermore, each content card is accompanied by a small written synopsis and the trailer. In the new tab “sport”, then, you can see the programming of your favorite sports and the services that host the games.

JustWatch - Streaming Guide

JustWatch - Streaming Guide

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