La migliore pratica per il gioco responsabile a confronto: casinò AAMS italiani vs casinò online stranieri

The best practice for responsible gaming compared: Italian AAMS casinos vs foreign online casinos

What are the responsible gaming practices for Italian and foreign AAMS casinos? Learn more about how self-exclusion works in this article

What happens if you lose control of your emotions and get carried away by them while betting? Losing control can be very dangerous which is why you should take the necessary countermeasures.

Can you really risk betting all your money, your savings, and screwing up lifelong relationships for your vice? Precisely for this the instrument was born self-exclusion. Want to know more about how it works and how to remove it (if it is no longer needed)? In this article our experts will try to answer all these questions, if you are intrigued and find yourself in this situation you should definitely read what they have to say.

What is self-exclusion and when to request it?

Self-exclusion is a measure that blocks the account of the player who requests it and does not allow him to make a new deposit or even to bet. Nor will he be able to create a new account on the site where he requested self-exclusion. If the request is received by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, this will concern all sites that have an AAMS license.

No one will ever impose self-exclusion, this measure will be taken by the dealers only when the player requests it. There are several reasons why a player may request self-exclusion:

  • Don’t want to be influenced by promotional messages anymore betting sites because he is too emotionally involved;
  • Stop betting;
  • Permanently move away from the world of betting.

The types of self-exclusion

This can be permanent, therefore for an indefinite period or for a term, therefore temporary, lasting: 30, 60, 90 days.

Why request to cancel the self-exclusion?

There are some cases where players request self-exclusion and then regret it the next day trying to undo it. For those interested, there is a good guide from editor Luca Ricci on canceling AAMS self-exclusion.

A player may regret having requested self-exclusion after a short time and therefore find themselves unable to bet. The scenarios in which it could be found are mainly two:

  • Temporary self-exclusion: will have to wait for the end of the self-exclusion
  • Permanent self-exclusion: you will have to apply at least after 6 months. The Customs and Monopolies Agency will evaluate whether or not to accept this request.

Can it really be removed?

It is therefore not certain that the self-exclusion can be removed by the Customs and Monopoly Agency nor by the casino itself that was requested. This situation could generate a lot of frustration for the player. In fact, he may be unable to bet at online casinos without the possibility of going back. Precisely for this reason we always recommend that you think about it more than once before requesting self-exclusion and above all to be sure of what you are doing.

Furthermore, you cannot request self-exclusion by mistake as it is a process that consists of several steps. In fact you should not only log into the ADM government website, but also enter your own SPID. This is personal data that only you can have, so no one else could ever do it for you.

What happens if i bet on foreign sites?

Many foreign casinos apply the same rules as the Responsible gaming of those with AAMS license. Therefore, even in these, self-exclusion can be requested. However when to request self-exclusion to the ADM dealer this it will have no effect on sites that have other licenses. Likewise, if you request self-exclusion from other entities, it will have no effect on online casinos that have an AAMS license.

So if you are unable to bet on AAMS online casinos due to exclusion, you can do it without any problem on foreign ones. But you should always remember that in Italy it is Only legal to bet on sites that have a license ADM-AAMS, also for these reasons. If you still want to continue betting and don’t want to bet on foreign online casinos, there are other methods that are used. One of these is to log in and bet with a friend’s account, which we do not recommend doing in all cases.

However, foreign online casinos turn out to be as reliable as AAMS ones if they have licenses that are recognized and valid all over the world. There are many reliable licenses, from those of the Scandinavian countries, up to the Swiss one but also that of Curacao or Malta.

Where is self-exclusion required for foreign casinos?

For all foreign online casinos that have a regular license and respect Responsible Gaming, you can ask for support from their customer support service via live chat or by contacting them by email. They will know how to guide you in this path of self-exclusion.


In this article we have seen what are the best practices concerning Responsible Gaming and specifically the self-exclusion regime. If you find yourself in trouble and can no longer control your actions and therefore gamble recklessly, you should start taking action. If, on the other hand, you have asked for self-exclusion and you have realized afterwards that this is not necessary, know that there are ways to avoid it.