The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv | March 2023

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It is a platform where you can choose movies, TV series and documentaries without a fixed subscription cost, but by paying for each individual program: today we are talking about the best TV series to watch on Rakuten TV

No subscriptions, just pay for what you see. This is the formula proposed by Rakuten TV, taking as an example what up until a few years ago, at the time of video rental, was completely normal. Choosing a film to watch in company or alone for a nice relaxing evening, or a season of a TV series that you can enjoy a little more calmly, has never been so comfortable. Like other digital platforms, which make available to subscribers many film, TV series and documentary titles to choose from, Rakuten TV allows you to choose from numerous titles. With the difference that by connecting to the platform it is possible to choose a film, a TV series or a documentary without a fixed subscription cost. Simply select the product to rent, buy or download it. For example, for the rental it starts from 0.99 centsfor a duration of 48 hours.

Browsing through the contents of Rakuten TV, you can find several well-loved TV series and also some goodies: in this guide, we want to offer you some of the titles that have impressed us the most.

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv

What are the best tv series on Rakuten tv? Impossible to say except through personal tastes. However, here is a rundown of some titles of sure interest that you can see without leaving your home.

10 – Westworld | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Westworld is a TV series set in a dystopian future, inside the revolutionary and futuristic amusement park of the same name capable of recreating the old west through innovative technologies and populated by robotic figures almost unrecognizable compared to human beings. The particular feature of this playground for billionaires is that they can do whatever they want, give vent to their most perverse fantasies, without having to worry about any kind of retaliation from the humanoids who are specially programmed not to harm or injure no way humans.

The park was created by Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), who is currently its creative director, and his now deceased partner and friend, Arnold Weber. The robots are provided, through continuous updating by the development team, with standard narrative lines to follow, which however leave them a space of autonomy to respond to the requests of the park guests and thus follow their wishes. These narrative lines are enriched, to humanize the robots, by inputs called memories, which cause them to experience daydreams. Then, at the end of each day, their memory is erased to eliminate the experiences they have lived. But one day something doesn’t go as planned.

9 – House of Cards | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Among the most acclaimed series of recent years, House of Cards (remake of the British series of the same name) stages a political thriller that frequently borders on the psychological, also thanks to the meta-narrative device that characterizes the series Kevin Spaceywho plays the unscrupulous politician Frank Underwoodbreak the fourth wall, and speak directly to the audience by letting them know your plans and thoughts. A slow narrative pace but with engaging and calibrated plotscombined with a photography with lights as cold as the protagonists of the story, make the series one of the greatest successes of recent years.

If you need a reason to see it, just know that the protagonist of this series who recently turned ten is Kevin Spacey.

8 – Better Call Saul | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Saul Goodman, before he met Walter White, was the mediocre lawyer Jimmy McGill. The prequel to the Breaking Bad series, follows his story. After the events narrated in Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman works under a false identity as a pastry shop assistant in the Cinnabon of a shopping center in Omaha, Nebraska. Tormented by the risk of being recognized, he spends a quiet life, spending his evenings watching films and his old commercials recorded on videotape, which remind him of times gone by. The main action takes place in the past, even before the events of Breaking Bad, when Saul used his real name, James “Jimmy” McGill, and tried in every way to establish himself as a lawyer. His brother Chuck is a very good lawyer and founder of the law firm HHM, but inactive due to an alleged electrosensitivity. Relations with his brother deteriorate due to the exuberant character that has always distinguished Jimmy, with his shortcuts to achieve professional success.

Absolutely indisputable quality series, which closes in a masterly way the discourse on an epochal series such as Breaking Bad. If you haven’t already, you absolutely must see it, and then read our opinion on the ending.

7 – The Big Bang Theory | Migliori serie tv Rakuten

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

This situation comedy broadcast in America by CBS, created and produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, it promises to be light and fun. The story is that of two friends Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) e Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), two brilliant physics students, who know everything about formulas, books and study, but nothing about interpersonal relationships. Their life is literally turned upside down by the arrival of the attractive Penny (Kaley Cuoco), their new neighbor who works as a waitress at a local restaurant, but dreams of becoming an actress.

The series, which has been as successful (even economically) as Friends, is fun and full of ferocious jokes, often arising from tragicomic relationship between two completely different worlds.

6 – Gilmore Girls | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Lorelai, 32-year-old single motheris brilliant, self-confident, with a great sense of humor and manages the Independence Inn, cultivating the dream of opening a hotel of his own together with his friend Sookie. Rory, 16, is his daughter. Beautiful and intelligent, she loves to study, discusses every topic with confidence, devours the classics of literature, watches old films and TV series and wants to become a journalist. They are the “Gilmore Girls” – this is the original title – the protagonists of the series created by Amy Sherman Palladino and consisting of seven seasons and to which four new episodes lasting 90 minutes were added in 2016, commissioned by Netflix and born under the star of the nostalgia effect, which is bringing various TV series from the late 90s back into the limelight. An addition that was unfortunately not up to the rest of the series, resulting overall trivial and at times forced especially with regard to the evolution of the character of Rory.

Designed as a family friendly product, Gilmore Girls has had seven official seasons and a revival. Who knows that among these you may be reflected in the bond of friendship and complicity of Lorelai and Rory, a mother and daughter united by an unusual relationship and by the desire to share experiences and everyday emotions.

5 – Friends | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Needs no introduction: is one of the most famous and beloved series in the history of television. A sophisticated and intelligent comedy that tells the intertwined stories of a group of friends living in New York.

Rachel Green she has just left her future husband at the altar when she re-encounters her old friend from high school Monica, now a New York chef. Soon become roommates, Rachel joins the group of friends of Monica: the mediocre Italian-American actor Joeythe accounting analyst Chandlerthe masseuse and musician in her spare time Phoebeand the paleontologist RossMonica’s older brother. To make a living, Rachel starts working as a waitress at Central Perk, a coffee shop that’s a regular hangout for her friends.

The episodes feature the tragicomic love adventures of the six friends and the developments of their careers, such as Joey’s unsuccessful auditions, Chandler’s romantic adventures, or the bizarre family situations in Phoebe’s life. The six characters each have, throughout the story, many dates and relationships serious and not, among which the troubled relationship of Ross and Rachel is the most recurring.

4 – The Mentalist | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Patrick Jane is a consultant at the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), where help the investigation team coordinated by Sergeant Teresa Lisbon and formed by Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt using his particular talent as a mentalist. His dowry allows him to notice every little detail, every fleeting detail, perhaps apparently useless, which for Patrick becomes a precious piece of the puzzle that will lead him to solve, case after case, all the crimes to which the investigative team is assigned. of which it belongs. The whole thing is actually aimed at finding a dangerous criminal attracted in the past by his bravado: John the Red, a serial killer who exterminated his family causing him a psychological breakdown.

The fascinating evolution of the series, up to the epilogue of the manhunt, is undoubtedly a strong point of this TV series.

3 – Blacklists | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Red Reddington is one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives, but he offers to help justice find a long list of criminals. As a clause to the agreement, he asks to have his only contact for her in Elizabeth Keen, a young analyst on her first day of service in the Bureau. This request, apparently incomprehensible, forces the agency to make “Lizzie” an integral part of a secret operational unit, which from that moment begins to deal essentially with the cases supplied by “Red”. The blacklist drawn up by Reddington actually hides his will to clear the square of its main enemies, effectively using the forces of the FBI for his own benefit. However, the Bureau cannot avoid capturing those who are in all respects criminals, thus endorsing this unique collaboration. All this soon ends up intertwining with the personal stories of Elizabeth herself, an orphan since childhood, who tries to understand the true nature of the bond between her and Reddington.

With nine seasons under its belt and formally still ongoing, Blacklist is one of the longest-running contemporary series.

2 – Revenge | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Amanda Clarke, under the false identity of Emily Thorne, moves to the Hamptons, seeking revenge on the people who destroyed his family. His father, David Clarke, a wealthy businessman with whom he spent his childhood in the Hamptons, was falsely accused, tried and convicted of participating in a terrorist act. To frame him were the Graysons, owners of “Grayson Global”, a company of which David was part, in cahoots with many characters close to them.

1 – Castle | Rakuten best tv series

The best tv series to watch on Rakuten tv |  March 2023

Crime writer Rick Castle, to overcome a creative block, decides to actively collaborate with…