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Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV | March 2023

It is a video rental platform without a subscription, with films, series and documentaries in HD: this is how it works and the best films to watch on Rakuten TV

Until about ten years ago we spent the evening at home with friends watching the film chosen in the video rental shops. Then came the digital platforms that make vast databases of films, series and documentaries available to subscribers, including getting lost before spending a couple of hours alone or in company. Rakuten TV combines these two realities: by connecting to the site, you can choose films, TV series or documentaries without a fixed subscription cost, paying only for the rental. The service is accessible from smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles, Smart TVs, Chromecast, and – for lovers of high definition – offers a rich library of 4K quality productions.

But let’s not waste time chatting and let’s see together which are the best movies you can find on Rakuten TV.

Best movies on Rakuten tv

In fact, we have browsed the contents of Rakuten TV to find the best films to watch on the platform according to tastes, mood of the moment and the situation. From blockbusters to lesser known, brand new to older features, ranging from comedy, romance and drama, here’s a rundown of what to watch on Rakuten TV.

10 – La La Land | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

To be seen and reviewed after stocking up on handkerchiefs, the love story of Mia and Sebastian, respectively an actress and a jazz musician trying to make it in the ruthless and dreamy Los Angeles will excite you. The Oscar-winning performance of Emma Stonea memorable soundtrack, Ryan Gosling more alluring than ever, the iconic direction of Damien Chazelle.

Deceptively passed off as a romantic film that talks about dreams and desires, melancholy, the realization that nothing is forever, not even perfect love.

9 – Tonya | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

Biopic that reconstructs the scandal involving Tonya Harding – the figure skating champion who was accused of instigating the attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan – is the parable of a rejected woman. From a sarcastic and demeaning mother, from a sports community that despised Harding for her lack of grace, from a society always ready to judge, by itself, perpetually insecure and frustrated.

Tonya stages two monumental acting tests, that of the former model Margot Robbie in the role of the unfortunate protagonist and Allison Janney (who won an Oscar for this role), a chilling example of maternal tyranny. She brutally shows how much the consideration of other people’s judgments can push into an abyss with no return.

8 – Blade Runner 2049 | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

The sequel to Blade Runner, cult par excellence, is as gloomy, metaphysical and steeped in fatality as the first, whose protagonist is a silent yet expressive Ryan Gosling. Implacable and tormented, while chasing down a handful of unfortunate androids fleeing sinister slavery, he finds time to experience one of the purest and most romantic love stories of the new millennium: he is a replicant, she is an artificial intelligence , and their relationship is more sincere and absolute than that of any human pair.

A worthy successor to the original, it is not a mere tribute but seeks its own path made up of links to the contemporary. A special applause to photography, to which we have dedicated an article.

7 – A Quiet Place | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

Horror yes, but not too much. In the sense that A Quiet Place, despite the premise and some ideas, does not focus on jump-scares or splatter scenes, but rather on showing a love relationship that binds a family cornered by an alien invasion, which seeks increasingly survival unlikely in an increasingly cynical world. Passing off as a scary movie, it’s actually a fairly linear story of a journey.

Independent, and therefore without special effects, it marks the debut behind the camera of John Krasinski and stars his wife Emily Blunt as the protagonist. A successful debut, enough to give life to a trilogy and partly to a sub-genre.

6- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

Surprising film that triumphed at the Oscars giving the two protagonists – the badass Frances McDormand and the very good Sam Rockwell – the golden statuette, is both the story of a fearless mother who fights against everything and everyone to uncover the plots of the rape and murder of her daughter, and the story of the redemption of a petty redneck with a much more noble and human soul than how much do you let on.

She is Mildred, who decorates a street with billboards, he is Dixon, a racist, violent and stupid deputy sheriff who lives with his mother. She will then turn out that she is the mother who lives with him, and that he is not so stupid, but only the protagonist of a great little redemption. Ideal to get up when he feels little combative.

5 – The shape of water | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

The protagonists are a mute and shy woman who cleans a military research center after the Second World War wrapped in political paranoia and a gentle sea creature (a kind of long-limbed monster of the black lagoon covered in scales) held captive and victim of experiments .

Together they experience a wonderful and strange interspecies love story while the world around them is cruel and full of hate. Adult tale and very romantic film for avid film buffs – it is full of quotations from the golden age of Hollywood – it took home 4 Academy Awards (best film, direction, scenography, soundtrack).

4 – Eastern Promises | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

Anna Khitrova, of Russian origin, works as a midwife in London. One day she is very upset by the tragic death of a fourteen year old, which occurred due to a hemorrhage after giving birth to a girl; the girl’s identity is not known and Anna tries to find out through a diary that the young woman had with her, which however is written completely in Russian. Among the pages of her diary Anna finds a note from a restaurant called Trans-Siberian, where she goes to look for news in order to trace the girl’s family of origin to whom to entrust the newborn. The restaurant is managed by the cordial Semyon, but behind the helpful facade of the old man is actually the head of a criminal brotherhood called Vory v zakone, at the head of which, in addition to him, there is also his son Kirill, a rather unstable and little appreciated by his father. In reality, the dolphin of the gang is Nikolai Luzhin (Viggo Mortensen), the charismatic and unflappable trusted driver of Kirill, as well as an undercover agent.

David Cronenberg gives us an absolutely unmissable film, a milestone of crime cinema, which is still able to make the competition pale.

3 – The Greatest Showman | Migliori film su Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

Inspired by the life of Barnum, the world’s most celebrated circus performer, it would be worth a watch just to see Hugh Jackman perfectly happy in the role that has given him the most joy in life. Launched by the role of the rude superhero Wolverine, in reality the Australian actor has always been on stage and loves to sing and dance in musicals. Here it is at its best, with a story that transforms a man who became famous by showing off “freak” in a musical full of color, epic songs, dances and good feelings. He is like black, goes with everything.

2 – Magic Mike | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

Channing Tatum as a stripper in this semi-autobiographical comedy-drama that evokes the Step Up actor’s early career and his background as a top dancer. Between blossoming loves, drugs, careers that don’t take off and frustrated artists, there is still a lot of time left for the hot choreographies of Tatum and other undoubtedly handsome colleagues – including Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Matthew McCounaghey – who rub against the customers of a club nocturnal, but also for reflections on life choices and how difficult it is to change course in some cases.

Typical entertaining film that makes you think, even successful and which has followed up with three other films, the last one to be released in 2023.

1 – The Iron Lady | Best movies on Rakuten tv

Best movies to watch on Rakuten TV |  March 2023

Phyllida Lloyd’s biopic about an 80-year-old Margaret Thatcher who spends her days in Chester Square. The former British Prime Minister summons his daughter to put away the clothes and effects of her husband Denis, now dead for some time: this event will awaken a cascade of memories, bringing to light the brilliant career of one of the most influential, powerful and controversies in Western history. An amazing one Meryl Streep masterfully interprets one of the icons of British and European history, showing the lights and shadows of the life of an extraordinary woman.

See you next month!

Our advice for this month ends here. The hope is that we have helped you in some way to orientate yourself among the products offered by this rich platform, with constantly updated titles. See you next month with the list of the best movies to watch on Rakuten tv! In the meantime, don’t miss the other contents of our section dedicated to films and TV series and in particular the guides on the best titles of the various platforms.

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