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The Big Lebowski 2: Jeff Bridges would like a sequel

Jeff Bridges has expressed a desire to return to the set of The Big Lebowski, a chapter 2 would certainly see him present

The Big Lebowski it is certainly a title that many of you will know (here our review). The film tells the story of Dude, an unemployed lover of bowling, who by chance finds himself having to face a double conspiracy in which he ended up, due to an unfortunate case of anonymity. Released in 1998 and directed by the brothers Joel ed Ethan Coenthe film boasted a respectable cast, including Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, John Goodman, John Turturro and last but certainly not least, Jeff Bridges. The latter, in a recent interview, was unable to hold back his enthusiasm when recalling the film, so much so that he hoped for a second chapter. Here are his words.

The Big Lebowski 2: Jeff Bridges would like a sequel

Bridges’ declarations | The Big Lebowski 2: Jeff Bridges would like a sequel

Talking to PEOPLE, Bridges was very enthusiastic about the possibility of interpreting again the Dude, the unforgettable protagonist. The actor ironically confessed:

If the Coen brothers were involved again, I would definitely be there. They are mysterious and full of surprises, you never know what they will do. Precisely because they are always amazing, I don’t think they will make a sequel. But like I said, they’re amazing, so maybe they’ll surprise me and make a sequel.

During the interview, Bridges also focused on thesubstance usea practice that has greatly influenced his life, but which he managed to interrupt, thanks to the film, because it was able to fully involve him.

I do a few joints every once in a while, but for that film I said to myself: “This is a wonderful script and quite detailed”. Although it seems very improvised, it is all scripted, so much so that it is done entirely as written. If you add an extra “Hey” somewhere, it doesn’t feel right. So I really wanted to use all my wits, that’s why I never smoked during that film.

An unmissable film

Who knows if one day this elusive second chapter will ever see the light. It must be said that in the past there had been an attempt, with a spin-off titled Jesus Rolls – Quintana is back!, which, however, had not achieved the same success. After all, it is really complex to be able to overcome the receipts obtained from the original film. In fact, we recall that The Big Lebowski obtained a incredible successso as to be included by Empire, among the 500 best movies in history. Will it be possible to do better? Never say never, even if it would be a very difficult undertaking.

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