The Bizarre Adventures of Jojo 6: trailer and release of Stone Ocean

Netflix has released the trailer for Stone Ocean, The Bizarre Adventures of Jojo 6, also defining the release period on the platform

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is about to return to Netflix with its sixth part, Stone Ocean, which is also taken from the manga of the same name produced by Hirohiko Araki and arrived in Italy with Star Comics. This sixth part refers to the 17 volumes published from 1999 to 2003 and soon it will also be on the small screen on Netflix, the period will be December 2021, but the date has not yet been defined.

The Bizarre Adventures of Jojo 6: trailer and release of Stone Ocean

Netflix during a lilve event in streaming broadcast the official trailer also defining the release period, which will surely take place in the coming months. As for the details on this sixth part, we know the synopsis which is based on the original comics.

Florida (USA), 2011. After a serious car accident with his girlfriend, Jolyne Cujoh is framed and sentenced to serve 15 years in prison. Jolyne is sent to a maximum security state prison, Green Dolphin Street Prison, also known as ‘the Aquarium’. On the verge of despair, Jolyne receives a pendant from her father which causes a mysterious power dormant within her. “

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