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The BMW CE 04 electric scooter becomes a work of art

BMW Motorrad Italia presented a single copy of the electric scooter BMW CE 04decorated by the urban artist FLYCAT: art meets sustainability. A perfect vehicle for the city, both because it does not emit carbon and for the metropolitan style of its bodywork.

BMW CE 04 becomes a work of art thanks to the artist FLYCAT

The Milanese street artist wanted to bring his personal interpretation ofThe lettering on the body of the BMW electric scooter, celebrating the change of course of the centenary brand towards the future. This product designed for urban commuting and environmental sustainability becomes even more metropolitan with the style of FLYCAT.

In his spray art, the artist also elaborates elements of the ancestral writing systems, such as the cuneiform alphabet and also the proto-Canaanite one, to find a sort of “urban meta-writing” with hidden meaning.

flycat BMW CE 04 electric scooter min

FLYCAT comments: “Through the shapes that give life to my sign, I wanted to create what I call urban camouflage, the structure of the ‘letter’ is decomposed to make its decoding so difficult, creating a sort of protective covering over the frame of the scooter, the writing BMW appears on the right-hand side while my signature-tag appears on the parallel side”.

Alexander Salimbeni, General Manager of BMW Motorrad Italia, says he is enthusiastic about this one-of-a-kind model. Which he presented on November 14 at the House of BMW in via Verri 10, Milan. “With this project BMW Motorrad Italia wants to celebrate the truest and most inclusive urban art, the one that is born on the streets and is ennobled by a great passion. The same passion that on two wheels allows you to experience the Make Life A Ride, which is the claim of BMW Motorrad. And the city is the natural environment for the BMW CE 04.”

More information on the BMW Motorrad Italia website.

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