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Groupe Renault launches its industrial metaverse

Il Gruppo Renault accelerate digitization by launching the first industrial metaverse. Where you can find 100% of the production lines: 8,500 plants, 90% of the procurement flows and 100% of the supply chain data are in fact replicated virtually in real time.

Groupe Renault launches its own industrial metaverse

A real replica of the physical in virtual, managed in real time. The industrial Metaverse offers Groupe Renault to supervise all the huge data derived from the various plants around the world. In fact, Renault has made some Digital Twinsdigital twins of the machinery (also of the supply chain) that bring the production lines into the metaverse.

The use of Digital Twins is enriched with supplier data, sales forecasts, quality information and other information (weather, traffic, etc.) that allow artificial intelligence to carry out predictive scenarios. Converging multiple technologies (cloud, real-time data, 3D, Big Data) Renault was able to create a real metaverse, complete with all the industrial processes of the brand.

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Jose Vicente de los Mozos, Industrial Director of Groupe Renault, explains: “Every day, one billion pieces of data are acquired from Groupe Renault’s industrial sites. The Metaverso offers real-time supervision that allows you to increase the agility and adaptability of industrial operations, but also the quality of production and the supply chain. The Renault group thus becomes a forerunner in the sector“.

This digitization will allow to achieve important results for data control with the industrial data platform 0(Industrial Data Management Platform 4.0). E con la Control Tower of the Supply Chain, the company will be able to prevent problematic scenarios and be ready.

But fundamental is the impact of this solution for the decarbonization. The Group is committed to being Net Zero Carbon by 2025 for the ElectriCity Center and the Cléon plant, by 2030 for the production sites in Europe and by 2050 for all industrial plants worldwide. Tracking in the metaverse brings these results closer together.

Find more information about Groupe Renault on the official website.

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