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The Boogeyman: Stephen King’s film also in cinemas

The Boogeyman is a horror film based on a story by Stephen King that will also be released in theaters after its streaming-only release

The Boogeyman is a horror film based on Stephen King’s anonymous 1973 short story in Cavalier magazine that has become a fully streamed movie released on the Hulu platform.

The production company Century Studios has announced that the film will also be released in theaters, with the date already set in the United States to be June 2, 2023.

The Boogeyman: Stephen King’s film will also arrive in theaters

The plot tells of a sixteen-year-old girl and her younger sister targeted by a supernatural creature, after her father, a psychologist, receives one of his patients at home. The film takes place mainly in and around the home of the two protagonists, while filming took place in New Orleans.

We don’t know other plot details and since it’s a horror, maybe it’s for the best, to be able to fully enjoy the adrenaline-pumping effect at the cinema. Just as the trailer has not yet been released, which in any case will be able to give us some more information on the atmosphere and the setting.

Directed by Rob Savagewho previously helmed some indie horror titles like Host and Dashcam.

What is happening to The Boogeyman is due to the production company’s evaluation of the great public success of some horror films initially designed only for streaming, as happened for Smile and Barbarian. The latter grossed $43 million in front of a $4.5 million production budget and an initial release only on Disney Plus.

The Boogeyman will not be the only film based on Stephen King’s novels, in fact in April 2023 we will see Salem’s Nights at the cinema, one of his most famous titles.

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