The cars preferred by Italians to go on vacation

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The new Brumbrum Observatory, the first direct online car dealer in Italy, highlights what they are the favorite cars of Italians to go on holiday in 2021. To achieve these statics, brumbrum took into consideration the cars that recorded a greater increase in sales between May and June 2021 compared to the previous months. According to the data collected, the favorite car for Italians to go on vacation during the summer of 2021 is the crossover Renault Captur. The Italians also prefer crossovers, with a diesel engine and manual gearbox.

The favorite cars to go on vacation according to the Italians

The data, summarized by the image attached below, confirm that the favorite car for the holidays is the Renault Captur preceding the BMW Series 2 Active Tourer. It should be noted that in the standings we also find the Jaguar X-Type that precedes the Renault Mégane Sporter and the Volvo XC90.

It should also be noted that the brumbrum Observatory confirms that they are the crossover the most requested of all with the 21.3% of sales. Behind the crossovers we find the minivans, which reach 17.2%, while the SUVs are in third place, stopping at 15.2%.

Sedans (13.3%), station wagons (10%) and small cars (9.5%) follow, preceding city cars (4.4%). As far as nutrition is concerned, the first place belongs to diesel which collects the 47% of preferences, ahead of gasoline, second with 26%). The manual transmission continues to be the most requested (55%) with the automatic getting closer and closer (45%).

The ranking

Here is the ranking of favorite cars to go on vacation according to brumbrum:

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