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The contribution for the retrofit bonus arrives

We have bonus retrofit: il contribution to convert the heat engine with an electric one now it is reality. Motorbikes are still missing due to the lack of a specific law. It will probably not be long in coming.

How the retrofit bonus works

The categories interested in the retrofit bonus are: M1, M1G, M2, M2G, M3, M3G, N1 e N1G. Basically, you can finance the conversion of minivans to transport people. So of vehicles with more than eight seats, vans for the transport of goods and cars.

As stated by the ministerial norm “originally registered with an internal combustion engine that are transformed into vehicles with electric traction”.

Electric car conversion and how to request the 2022 retrofit bonus

The contribution covers 60% of the costs incurred

Translated into euros, the retrofit bonus is worth 3,500 euros, you must not exceed 60% of the expense but the conversion costs are quite high. We add to this the contribution of 60% of the expenses related to the stamp duty for registration in the Public Automobile Register (Pra), the stamp duty and the provincial registration tax.

How do you apply for and access the retrofit bonus?

To apply for the contribution the ministry, Mims, such as electric bicycles and scooters. Start an IT platform, managed by Consap Spa. Activation of this is communicated on the ministry website. The total resources foreseen are equal to 14 million euros. For the conversion of the engines we also remember the contributions for the trucks, there is nothing for the nautical sector.

Contribution also for those who converted in 2021

Those who have replaced the heat engine with an electric motor from 10 November 2021, the date of entry into force of law no. 156 of November 9, 2021 which provides for the measure. The deadline for submitting applications expires on 31 December 2022.

With the bonus, a small car is under 5000 euros

The expense varies considerably depending on the model chosen. With the few kits available and with purchase groups, an expense of around 8000 euros for small cars is announced.

Therefore, by discounting the 3500 euros of the bonus, it is possible to stay below 5000 euros, considering the high price of new electricity and the reduction in the intensity of the incentives, the retrofit can begin to become competitive. In particular for historic cars such as the 500 which have a strong historical value. The commitment becomes more demanding, up to over 20 thousand euros, for rare models and with greater power.

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