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How to turn your Pixel into a Ninja Turtle

The new ones Google’s Pixel 6 and 6a have a particular arrangement of the rear cameras, which makes them perfect for becoming a Tartarughe Ninja. Indeed Dbrand has launched a line of covers that color your smartphone green and the horizontal bar blue, red, orange and purple. What a blessing!

Your Google Pixel 6 and 6a can become a Ninja Turtle

The new one will arrive online next week Google Pixel 6a, sparking new interest in this mid-range smartphone with all the smart functions of google. But if simultaneous translation and the Magic Eraser to erase objects and people from photographs are not enough, you can focus on the look. And turn your smartphone into Donatello, Michelangelo, Raffaelo e Leonardo.

The new Pixel 6a also has the dual camera which, while not 50MP like the base model and the Pro (it’s only 12MP), lends itself very much to become the eyes of the Turtles. And with Google’s software intelligence, the shots are best in class, as we tell you in our review.

Dbrand did not announce a partnership with the Turtles, calling customization instead “Teenage Mutant Ninja Pixel”, by changing the English name of the series. And it is not new to these types of products. Just last week it launched a skin to transform the vostro Pixel o iPhone in un Nothing Phone 1 (albeit without the LED lights).

The company also launched a skin to color yours black PlayStation 5but had to withdraw it after Sony sued it for using the PlayStation button logo: triangle, square, circle and X.

For the moment, however, you can order at this address for 24.95 euros plus shipping costs for the skin to turn your Pixel into a disciple of Master Splinter. Unfortunately, the post-mission pizza is not included.

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