The crisis in the PC market saves Macs

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The pandemic is slowly coming to an end, and PC sales continue to decline inexorably. According to recent analyzes by Counterpoint Research, only in the first quarter of 2022 the market for the sector is decreased by 4.3%, with just 78.7 million units sold. What we are facing, therefore, is a fairly complex situation, which seems to involve most of the companies operating in the sector. To be saved, however, seem to be the Macs of Apple, whose sales remain constant despite everything.

PC: Mac sales resist the crisis in the sector

Difficult situation for companies operating in the PC market, whose sales have been abruptly halted after the success of the two-year pandemic. Yet, despite the difficult period, Lenovo confirms itself as the best-selling brand, even if a decline in sales was evident. And the same goes for HP and Dell. What stands out in the sector market, on the other hand, is Apple, which is definitely growing compared to the previous year. They have been well 7.1 million sales of fixed and portable PCs globally in the first quarter of the year, marking a significant increase compared to 6.6 million in 2021.

According to some specific analyzes, the success of the Cupertino company would be linked above all to the sale of Macs for school use. A trend that has allowed Apple to almost match the sales of Chromebooks, which in the past years had met with considerable success due to the economic price. Furthermore, the recovery – albeit slight – of the supply of components useful for the production of PCs also benefited Mac sales. At the same time, however, it must be considered that the issue of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is weighing on production – and then also on sales. As well as the increase in infections from Covid-19 in some countries of the world. Still, Apple’s Macs seem to hold out.

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