PrivadoVPN review: the VPN for everyone!

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In this review we tell you about PrivadoVPN, a VPN accessible to everyone for two reasons: the very affordable cost and the ease of use that makes it a great service!

VPNs are a very useful tool for several reasons. The first is increase security while browsing the web. In fact, a VPN allows you to encrypt your connection and your data in order to prevent them from being intercepted. But there are other reasons as well. If you travel, for example, you risk being cut off from some services and websites. Likewise you might wish access services not present in our countrysuch as video streaming services that offer different catalogs depending on the country you connect from.

Well, all this is possible with PrivadoVPN which offers both a secure connection and the ability to connect to servers in 47 different countries around the world and be resident there! In our review we will evaluate the quality of this tool and of course its usability!

PrivadoVPN review: the VPN for everyone!

Essential and functional graphic interface | PrivadoVPN review

Surely the graphic design of this VPN is the strong point. Essentially it can manage everything from the pop-up window that appears at the bottom right of the screen when you open the taskbar application. The interface is very pleasant and in step with the times.

Above it dominates the button with the padlock to activate and deactivate the VPN connection. When the connection is ready, “CONNECTED” and our new IP address will be displayed. Immediately below we have a menu from which select the location of the server to which we want to connect and therefore also where we want to “pretend” to find ourselves. If you want to have what the US Netflix catalog offers, you will need to connect to a server in the US for example. Finally we have the “Kill Switch”Which automatically disconnects the connection if for some reason you are unable to communicate to the VPN. A very useful function to protect privacy.

This simple interface will be enough to manage most of the applications of use. But if we want to customize a little more, we can open the settings to view a more complete menuhowever always simple and intuitive.

PrivadoVPN review: the VPN for everyone!

Functionality and use | PrivadoVPN review

We understand that PrivadoVPN can protect our data. And it can do this in several ways. In fact from the settings we can decide which VPN protocol to use among the three available (OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard). If you have no special needs, you can let the program decide the best configuration. Also the graphic interface is customizable and you can for example choose a floating window or one docked to the taskbar for example. You can also choose to automatically start PrivadoVPN at power on and choose a preferred server to connect to. There Zero-Log Policy guarantees that no data regarding our online business is saved.

The service can be shared on 10 devices together. It also exists an excellent assistance service 24 hours a day. Among other things, the application allows you to log automatically – and locally – the status of your connection. This will make it easier to communicate with the staff and solve the problem. An entire tab in the settings is dedicated to user assistance.


Premium users will also have access to SOCKS5 proxy servers which guarantee a fast connection speed. In fact, in our tests, we lost less than 1% of speed of our connection by connecting to a server in the USA. In fact, the browsing experience has not changed with the VPN on and remains excellent in all respects. Initiating the connection takes a few seconds. On the performance side we can be satisfied!


Let’s sum it up. PrivadoVPN is a great VPN service. We want underline two key aspects. The first is the graphical interface which exposes all the basic functionality in a very intuitive way. Anyone can use it, really! The second is the performance which we found to be very good (however we tried the premium service). The only flaw, perhaps the number and coverage of servers is a bit behind compared to other competitors.

Il free service offers 30 GB per month of data, only 12 cities in the world and one device at a time. The premium service allows up to 10 connections, unlimited data and the ability to connect to 59 different cities around the world. The cost is around 60 euros per year (less than 5 euros per month) which is very affordable! We can only recommend that you try this service!

That’s all from the software section, keep following us!

Points in favor

  • Excellent graphical interface
  • Connection performance
  • Essential Features …

Points against

  • … even too much!
  • Still few servers if compared with the big names in the sector