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The definitive guide by Tineco to better prepare your home for the summer season

With the arrival of spring and a hot summer around the corner, the time has come to renovate your home and prepare it for the new season

The higher temperatures represent for many the opportunity to open second homes and Tineco comes to the rescue of all those who need to carry out a deep cleaning, providing tips and tricks to create a fresh, healthy and comfortable living space, allowing you to enjoy a regenerating summer to the fullest.
To cope with what promises to be demanding cleaning sessions, Tineco therefore offers two products from serie Floor One that will simplify and improve this process: the FLOOR ONE S5 Steam and the FLOOR ONE S3.

The definitive guide by Tineco to better prepare your home for the summer season

FLOOR ONE S5 STEAM: the ally to sanitize the house after the winter season

For all those who are looking for a practical and handy vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner that uses high temperature steam to remove dirt and stains, Tineco offers the FLOOR ONE S5 Steam. This new model takes advantage of the natural power of steam, capable of detecting and removing all types of dirt, including stubborn and sticky stains. As part of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 family, the S5 Steam also includes iLoop Smart Sensor technology. This allows you to automatically adjust the suction power, brush roll speed and water flow for fast and efficient cleaning. Also, with a large water tankS5 Steam can clean larger areas without the need for constant replenishment.

The definitive guide by Tineco to better prepare your home for the summer season

FLOOR ONE S3: the ideal companion for eliminating sand and salt stains

Tineco’s FLOOR ONE S3 is an innovative floor washer that will allow you to clean and wash domestic surfaces at the same time and without ever having to get dirty. In fact, thanks to the one-touch multi-stage self-cleaning system, it will no longer be necessary to touch the dirty roller. Pressing a simple button will then activate a process of self-cleaning of the roller and tubes, leaving your hands clean and the S3 ready to use again. Finally, the strong point of the product, which makes the device even more intelligent, is the presence of the iLoop intelligent sensorable to detect any type of dirt and adapt the suction power, the speed of the roller and the water flow.

The definitive guide by Tineco to better prepare your home for the summer season

CARPET ONE SPOT to refresh fabrics

Dedicated to all those who spend their mornings cleaning untangling the wires of the various household appliances, Tineco comes to the rescue by proposing the revolutionary Carpet One Spot. In fact, thanks also to Tineco iLoop Smart Sensorto the mighty motore brushless and the motorized brush, the device will be able to independently detect, scrub and remove the most stubborn stains. In addition, the spot mode allows you to position the brush on a stain, activate the function and wait until the notification of the stain removal. Finally, with aautonomy up to 40 minutesit will be possible to clean larger areas without continuous interruptions.

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