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The first supercar made in Italy is born in Lucca: it is called Anomalya

Not a hut like Gesà but in Capannori, in the heart of Tuscany. It was born here Anomalies, the first supercar made in Italy, the result of the long experience of Sly Garage Factory. The car will be presented in style at the Grand Hotel Des Anglais in Sanremo during the week of the Italian song festival.

Let’s get to know Anomalya better: what there is to know about the Tuscan supercar

The lights are about to come on for the week of events organized by ShowEvent at the Grand Hotel Des Anglais in Sanremo on the occasion of the Italian Song Festival. One of the most thrilling moments will surely be the presentation of Anomalies, the first 100% Italian supercar which will be admired at the entrance of the structure. The car was born from a thirty-year idea of Sly Soldano and matured four years ago in its extraordinary Sly Garage Factory. In this reality in Capannori, near Lucca, he works daily with high-caliber cars and very important names such as Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley.

Supercars are an example of what happens when you make the most of both electronic and mechanical technology. The result is a car that gives its best. Anomalya was born from the need to create a supercars that aims to be more than to appear. It contains twenty-five years of experience, three and a half years of work and everything that modern technology makes available. All to improve handling stability and driving pleasure, but without any kind of filter or lie. The details of the car? Soon said:

  • Weight: 1080 kilos.
  • Top speed: 270 km / h.
  • The 0-100 km / h acceleration is covered in 4.4 seconds.
  • Driving pleasure is immeasurable and difficult to summarize in something written.

Anomalya brings back the driving pleasure of the supercars of the 90s, combined with the technique, materials and technology of today’s cars. As the name suggests, this is an anomalous car, which literally means “non-compliant”. A car that escapes – literally – all those stereotypes typical of cars of this type.

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