The Flash: how many surprises in the trailer during the Super Bowl

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One of the most awaited content related to Super Bowl 2023 was the release of The Flash trailer and it definitely did not disappoint

We knew it was going to be great, but maybe not that great. During the Super Bowl 2023 the highly anticipated trailer of The Flash has made its appearance, a film destined, according to the words of James Gunn and Peter Safran, to completely reset the timeline of the DC universe, before the new films announced and the beginning of phase 1 of the new DC Studios floor. In short, the premises are incredible for a film that really promises endless adrenaline and we realize it right away in the trailer. On The Flash we’ll see Barry Allen grappling with a risky journey through time, in an attempt to change the past and save his family. However, something goes decidedly wrong for Barry, who will find himself having to save the whole of reality by being able to leverage on unexpected aid. Below is the trailer that shows the first images of the highly anticipated DC film:

The Flash: the surprises of the trailer

As mentioned, the trailer for The Flash is decidedly surprising and offers lots of unexpected news. The first, and certainly the biggest one, is the incredible return of Michael Keaton as Batman. The actor returns to wear the bat cape after doing it in Tim Burton’s films and it is certainly the most striking surprise of the trailer. From the images released by Warner during the Super Bowl, however, we also see the presence of Ben Affleck still as Batman, but we also find Michael Shannon in those of the fearsome General Zod and we see the debut of Sasha Calle in the role of Supergirl.

In short, the trailer for The Flash was simply sensational. A lot of irons in the fire for a film that really promises sparks and is destined to play a leading role in the nascent reboot of the DC universe. The appointment, therefore, goes to June 16, 2023, when the feature film about the scarlet sprinter will make its cinema debut.

The new DC universe

The Flash will have the task of completely resetting the timeline of the DC universe, leaving room for all the new things coming in the next few years.

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