The Flash: Michael Keaton will be Batman again!

The official confirmation has finally arrived: Michael Keaton will once again play the role of Batman in The Flash, film with Ezra Miller

A new multiverse is about to see the light: it is about The Flash, a project directed by Andres Muschietti with protagonist Ezra Miller. The father of the two recent It chapters, the killer clown, has something really curious in mind to bring back the comic book characters that are so dear to us. The Argentine director has in fact declared about it:

This is a story about time travel: Flash comes back to try to save his mother. It will offer some spectacular action scenes but will have a big heart.

Alongside Ezra Miller in the role of Barry Allen / Flash and Ben Affleck, again the interpreter of millionaire Bruce Wayne (after Batman V Superman and Justice League), there is another long awaited return by fans.

Michael Keaton sarà Batman in The Flash

You got it right: Michael Keaton will once again take on the role of Batman in The Flash. The confirmation comes to The Wrap from the actor’s agency, ICM Partners, and it couldn’t make us happier. Twenty-nine years have passed since Keaton took on the role of the Batman in Batman Returns (1992), a sequel directed by Tim Burton. Who knows what effect it will have to see him at work again!

The Flash: Michael Keaton will be Batman again!

His return was not initially confirmed due to the Covid-19 pandemic currently underway. The actor is in fact rather worried about the health situation that has involved the whole world, as can be seen from his statements:

I am concerned about the COVID situation in the UK more than anything else. That will determine everything and it is for this reason that I live far from the city and I keep my distance from everyone, the COVID issue really worries me. This is the first element that I consider for the projects that are proposed to me. I reflect on the situation and think: ‘Will he kill me, literally?’ And if it’s not a question to consider then we’ll talk about it.

Fortunately, it seems that Michael Keaton has calmed down, so as to return to give the face to a much loved character. In The Flash there will be therefore due Batman – about the particularity of the project. The two different versions of Bruce Wayne will interact with Flash differently during his journey into the past. It promises to be a very curious experiment for The Flash.

Shooting for the film, whose screenplay is by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey), has already started in London. We look forward to other rumors about the project: to keep up to date we recommend that you follow this page, with all the news dedicated to cinema and TV series!