The Flash: the trailer of the film during the superbowl

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The Flash is the film from the DC universe starring Ezra Miller which will debut at the cinema in 2023, now we also have the release date of its official teaser trailer

The Flash is the next film in the DC universe inspired by the comic book of the super hero who runs as fast as light and is played here by Ezra Miller. A film that the public almost forgot about, why the new director James Gunn is revolutionizing all the films of the DC universe, making a lot of discussion. The latest news was the replacement of the Superman character who will no longer be played by Henry Cavill, because the director wants to choose a new actor and thus begin his phase of great changes.

The Flash: teaser trailer will probably be shown at the Superbowl

This made us forget that there is a new DC film already in production, which is The Flash. The release of the film has been postponed again and will be summer 2023 and now it seems we also have a teaser trailer release date. The reasons for these delays are due to the legal problems of the leading actor Ezra Miller which also led to production stops to evaluate a recasting. But now, it seems that the production is continuing its work and the release of the trailer is certainly the first good sign.

The Flash: the trailer of the film during the superbowl

The online newspaper The Wrap has revealed that after 17 years of absence, Warner Bros. will be present at the Superbowl with video content and therefore this has led to hypothesize that the release date of the teaser trailer for The Flash could be February 12ththat is the date of the most awaited night in the United States, that of the Superbowl, the final of the Football championship.

There is therefore a lot of curiosity for a film of which nothing is known yet, except that it will be inspired by the original comics for some parts and which foresees of character cameos from Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batman and originally also Superman with Henry Cavillbut this last cameo probably won’t be there.

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