Nerone di Alberto Angela è il saggio più venduto della settimana di Natale

Nerone by Alberto Angela is the best-selling essay of the Christmas week

Nerone by Alberto Angela is first in sales of essays this Christmas week and second in the global ranking. In this last book of the emperor trilogy, the popularizer presents us with Nero in a new guise

Nero Of Alberto Angela wins the gold medal for the best-selling essay in the Christmas week. The book, published by Harper Collins and released on December 9, the last title of the trilogy linked to the emperor in question, finished first in the weekly ranking of best-selling essays, probably thanks to a combination of Christmas gifts and fame of the author. the well-known popularizer Alberto Angela, in fact, also famous for television programs such as Ulysses, the Pleasure of Discovery. In the general classification Nero is instead in second place, preceded by The house of lights by Donato Carrisi.

Alberto Angela, Nero as you’ve never read it

Nero is, as mentioned, the third book of a trilogy linked to the person of the emperor, fifth in the line of imperial succession and last descendant of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. The figure of him is certainly remembered by most for having been historically very controversialso much so that the devastating is attributed to him fire of Rome in 64 AD and of having induced the philosopher to commit suicide Seneca, accused of conspiring against him. But what Alberto Angela promises to do in this latest volume is a narrative totally different from what we are used to: Angela offers a new interpretation of Nero, telling her story empire and the precious heredity who left us, all accompanied by an unpublished illustration of Milo Manarawho wanted to represent Nero following the words of Alberto Angela.

This book could turn out to be a great Christmas present, but if you’re still undecided, here are three titles that we suggest you donate to your fellow readers.