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The history of the San Pellegrino Casino, one of the most famous places in Italy

Do you know the history of the San Pellegrino Casino? We will tell you about one of the most famous places in our country and we will understand why it is still important today

Italy is the home of gambling. Perhaps not everyone in fact knows that it is on the Italian peninsula that the first gambling hall opened of humanity, precisely in Venice in 1638. The tradition of casinos in Italy is therefore centuries-old, and the success of online platforms such as Bwin casino is almost a logical and cultural consequence. The Italian casinos in the early 1900s exceeded fifteen units, while now there are four physical and active ones. Among those closed is that of San Pellegrino Termein business for ten years between 1907 and 1917, and for a short period after the war.

The casino reminiscent of the one in Montecarlo

The Municipal Casino was built between 1904 and 1906 almost simultaneously with the Grand Hotel. The structure was designed byMilanese architect Romolo Squadrelli, also in charge of the Grand Hotel. The business began in 1907, but in 1917, following the Orlando law, it was closed. In 1924 the casino reopened for a short time, but Mussolini again ordered its closure. Once again, in 1946, the gambling hall came to life again thanks to a pact with the allies, but this time it closed again due to management problems. Later in the 50s and 60s the degradation took over the structure, but then finally be saved from restoration work started in 2010then completed in 2014. From the year of the completion of the renovation work until 2019 it was possible to take guided tours inside the casino with the OTER association.

Modern use as a hall and restaurant

The casino’s recovery interventions have therefore allowed the structure to show all its charm. Since 2019 the building of the Municipal Casino of San Pellegrino Terme has become an integral part of the spa complex, transforming itself into the hall of the QCterme San Pellegrino. One of the strengths of the game room later used as a hall is certainly the floor, built in fine Venetian sifted with a very recognizable floral pattern. Particular is the presence of the “Hall of Tears”, A place where Casino patrons used to cry after losing gambling. If the sieved Venetian floor is the jewel in the crown of the game room, the frescoes are just as important. In fact on the ceiling of the building the twelve signs of the zodiac are represented which are interspersed with motifs that resemble circular skylights, but painted. Not everyone knows that in the logo on the San Pellegrino water package, one of the most used in Italy, the Casino of San Pellegrino Terme appears.

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