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The Last Of Us 2: una remaster in sviluppo?

The news of the development of a possible remaster of The Last Of Us 2 is becoming more and more insistent. Let’s find out the details

Only a few days ago the title of the Naughty Dog came under the spotlight for updates regarding stand-alone multiplayer. Now, the American software house is back in the news with the increasingly insistent rumor regarding it development of a remaster edition of The Last Of Us 2, originally released on PS4. It all started in January with rumors of a director’s cut for the exclusive Sony, then in July the musical composer Gustavo Santaolalla reported that a “new version” of the game is currently in production. Now the new clue comes directly from the LinkedIn profile of one of Naughty Dog’s insiders.

The Last Of Us 2: una remaster in sviluppo?

The development of the remaster of The Last Of Us 2: the unofficial confirmation

As highlighted by some very attentive users on ResetEra, Mark Pajarillo, lead outsource artist at Naughty Dog, has updated his LinkedIn profile by adding a new work experience. In fact, you can read that Pajarillo was “responsible for the production of all environmental art assets, weapons and props” not only for last year’s remake, The Last Of Us Part 1but also of the remaster of The Last Of Us 2, whose production has not yet been officially announced. Naturally, there is no trace left of this new work experience, which the developer promptly deleted from his profile. A not too rosy period for the American software house which recently left at least 25 employees at home, perhaps precisely for the multiplayer game.

What do you think? Are you tired of the constant remasters, or can’t you wait to take on the role of the iconic Ellie? Let us know in the comments below. For further updates relating to the world of Naughty Dog, and much more, all you have to do is stay tuned to the frequencies of Instead, if by chance you want to recover these titles or others, we point out the offers on Instant Gaming.

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