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The legacy of Japanese video games regarding the current gaming environment

Moving the nerve center of the gaming industry from the United States of America to Japan has produced some extraordinarily important effects for the gaming world

This aspect was deepened by the docu-series High Score, distributed by Netflix during last August 2020. For those who have not seen it, it is worth recovering, given that in six episodes, divided into as many topics, it tells the birth and the subsequent evolution of video games between 1976 and the 90s. To make the product truly intriguing there are the testimonies of creators, developers and players who have been active protagonists of this unrepeatable and unmissable season for those who love videogames, but also for all technology and web marketing experts and enthusiasts.

The rise of the rising sun on the gaming industry

First of all, the Japanese industry immediately focused on the quality and differentiation of its products, effectively avoiding the risks that caused the collapse of the American market right from the start. In fact, in Japan more innovative games are produced and created, sometimes risking a little, risking with respect to the trends and habits of consumers, who often manage to transform themselves into prototypes or precursors of new genres. The same method by which Hollywood and the pop-rock music industry have built a system that has been going on for over half a century, in fact. The big difference between games made in Japan and those produced in California (where the companies specialized in gaming were based) lies in the fact that the Japanese companies, before giving themselves to video games, were already gaming houses, producing toys in series, games for table and other forms of entertainment and recreation. In America, on the other hand, they were often independent and determined entrepreneurs, who, however, did not have any commercial experience, nor an adequate structure to supply the shops and large distribution chains of the time. Think of how unlike today, where physical media is seen almost as an option or as an authentic collector’s fetish, everything had to be done in physical mode. A nice grain for those who had no idea how to mass-produce a futuristic concept and idea with an industrial system.

The taxonomy of the videogame based on the Japanese model

In Japan, on the other hand, the taxonomy of the videogame that determines the contemporary paradigm is formed and constituted, creating the bricks with which the videogames of the following 20 years will be shaped and with which those of the next twenty years will be built. We no longer have games with repetitive and easy to play mechanics, based on the coordination between eye and hand, in this forge of new ideas and new rules, video games begin to tell stories. Here we enter a new phase and a more structured and stratified dimension, where complex themes will be addressed, staging extraordinary worlds with a real mythology, creating real sagas destined to last over time. Namco, Konami, Taito, Nintendo itself and many other realities now forgotten or to be re-evaluated, constitute a real golden age for classic videogames.

Final thoughts on the gaming industry and gambling today

It is no coincidence that in these years titles have come out that are destined to be played even after almost 40 years. An example for everyone: Super Mario Bros. Much of this can be seen in the extraordinary ability of the Japanese people to tell with stylized images, an innate peculiarity in this culture, which is recognized starting with the ideogram writing system, giving life to theater for example. kabuki and shunga erotic prints. An imaginary capable of influencing the Western world and returning the whole globe, given that videogames are still an unstoppable billionaire industry, which has been successful in every context and region of this planet. Think, changing the subject, of the success achieved in the last 10-15 years by the realities active in the context of online gaming and live casino platforms present on the web and made legal. A continuous flow of users who register and try their luck, with mixed results, a bit like what happened during the 70s and 80s for the pioneers of the videogame industry.