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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: nuovi leak dall’art book ufficiale

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is making headlines again with a series of leaks based on the Collector’s Edition art book

To define The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom one of the most anticipated games of the year would be an understatement, and while Nintendo hasn’t provided too much information about the game, excitement for its May launch continues to build. Before the aforementioned debut, however, it seems that new details about the game have emerged thanks to theart book official of the game in question. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: here’s what emerged from the game’s art book (without spoilers)

Well yes: the leak comes directly from a leak of theofficial art bookwhich will be included in the Collector’s Edition of the game, on Reddit. The user who spread the rumors in question claimed to have received the images, which have now been circulated online, of the artbook from a friend and they show several characters, both new and old, along with locations and various unpublished villains of the game. According to the leaker, the artbook is beyond 200 pages. Recent leaks have also suggested that a model of Zelda themed limited edition OLED switch is in the works and could be unveiled soon.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: nuovi leak dall'art book ufficiale

Nintendo recently released a trailer of gameplay for the game in question, offering new glimpses of the game world, even if the information on the open world title has been scarce (including the weight of the title). The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be released on 12 maggio for Nintendo Switch. It will be the first Nintendo game to be priced at $69.99, though the company has stated that this won’t be the standard price for all future first-party releases.

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