The Looney Tunes: the new animated film coming to the cinema soon!

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For the first time the Looney Tunes arrive at the cinema for a new unmissable animated film. Unlikely heroes Porky Pig and Daffy Duck defend humanity against the alien threat

The beloved Looney Tunes I am ready to return for a new animated filmthis time to be enjoyed on the big screen. Great news that all Warner Bros cartoon fans have been hoping to receive for some time, seeing their dream come true. Arrived in the world made of images, color and lots of animation starting from the 1930s; the Looney Tunes have accompanied the childhood and affection of countless generations, parading with characters and adventures of all kinds.

Here they are, ready for their cinematic debut, the two invincible (and unlikely) heroes Porky Pig and Daffy Duck come to defend humanity against an alien threat. Let’s find out more details about the arrival in cinemas.

The Looney Tunes: the new animated film coming to the cinema soon!

The Looney Tunes: the title and plot of the next animated film!

Recently appeared in 2021 with the film Space Jam: New Legends (alongside an iconic LeBron James); the beloved Looney Tunes are ready to hit the big screen with a new animated film.

The Day the Earth Blew Up: A Looney Tunes Movie, this is the title chosen, will in fact be the protagonist of cinemas; giving an adventure comedy with the faces that have marked the decades. Despite the Warner Bros. Animation has not yet revealed further details on the theatrical release; the film will star the duo Porky Pig and Daffy Duck engaged in the guise of alternative heroes of the world.

For the direction Pete Browngardt; regarding the new project here are some statements from Sam Register (president of Warner Bros and executive producer of the film):

Our artists have created an incredible Looney Tunes film that follows in the cinematic tradition that led audiences to fall in love with these characters. GFM Animation is the perfect partner to help us bring Porky and Daffy back to where they belong on the big screen

Statement subsequently supported by another important observation by Guy Collins, president of GFM Animation:

It is exciting for the team at GFM Animation to be managing the worldwide distribution sales of a film based on such an iconic intellectual property, working with the fantastic team at Warner Bros. Animation. It’s great to see all their hard work at this late stage of production. Indies rarely work on films with such a sense of kinship from fans around the world, and we know they’ll love Porky and Daffy’s sci-fi adventure as much as we do

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