The Lord of the Rings: Galadriel action figure arrives

Asmus Toys recently shared photos of the new action figure dedicated to “The Lord of the Rings”, which represents Lady Galadriel

If we tell you Asmus Toys you can not help but reconnect the Taiwanese company to the Tolkienian film saga. This is because their figures regarding the Peter Jackson trilogy are so numerous and damn detailed.

In the 1: 6 scale action figure collection we have a new entry: Lady Galadriel, which adds to the plethora of characters in de The Lord of the Rings proposed by Asmus. Let’s see it together!

The Lord of the Rings: Galadriel action figure arrives

Despite these past difficult months, the latest addition to Asmus’ The Lord of the Rings line is finally here! Living in the darkness of the 3 Ages of Middle-earth, to see the lands freed from the evil that would try to destroy it. Galadriel, the Lady of Light.

This brand new 1/6 scale collectible is a must have for any Lord of the Rings collector. With Asmus taking a huge step forward with its innovative ways of making such delicate clothing, Galadriel is truly a premium and exceptional show piece!

With an incredible resemblance to actress Cate Blanchett and the inclusion of long golden hair, the realism of the sculpted head gives a true demonstration of what Asmus is capable of creating. However, we don’t recommend cutting three hairs for Gimli!

This figure stands approximately 11 ” tall and has over 32 points of articulation. Dressed in her iconic white dress, without losing any details, including a brooch, a pearl belt and Nenya, the Adamant Ring. Also, due to great demand, Asmus began working to provide his loyal customers with the Elven Cloak of Galadriel. This not only shows the company’s dedication to listening to its fanbase, but has added numerous ways to display this figure!

Also included is the Elvish Kettle, which can be accompanied by exclusive accessories from the Asmus online store! A diorama of Galadriel’s altar and mirror are available exclusively on the Asmus Toys website. Completing this set gives this piece the perfect presentation, just add your Frodo with his vial and the scene is complete!

Galadriel’s action figure is available on the official Asmus website at a price of $ 235.00. What do you think? Will you add it to your collection? We remind you to stay tuned on the pages to be always updated on the world of collecting, cinema and much more!

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