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The most appreciated and recommended Christmas gifts from Samsung

Christmas is coming, and with it also gifts for the people we care about and, why not, also for ourselves, here are the advice from Samsung!

In a scenario full of possibilities e offers tempting, Samsung Electronics Italia in this period carried out a study with a new one Trend Radar, studying customer behavior, in collaboration with GWI, Market Research Institute specialized in “digital costumer behaviour”, their desires and the products they want to buy on the occasion of this festive period where we are all better, to offer the best offer.

Deserved gifts

By now there are many Italians who, after a tiring year spent fulfilling their duty, especially in this dark period caused by Covid-19, decide to make themselves a gift. The data speak for themselves: most Italians decide to buy technological items, with more than 71% of preferences, especially if we consider the younger clientele, such as our dear lads Generation Z (over 82%) especially for male customers.

Below in the ranking we find the jewels (36%) and special events, such as events, food and wine tastings, celebrations or recreational courses, chosen by 46% of the sample. A somewhat obvious factor, given that in our community these gifts are more enjoyed and have greater impact if given by someone else.

A gift for everyone

The most appreciated and recommended Christmas gifts from Samsung

Among the various options most appreciated by Italians, we can note that the ben 63,4% greatly appreciates the food and wine gifts, often very useful for Christmas baskets for the family dinner, together, once again, with technological devices, chosen by 44% of the respondents. These gifts are chosen by Italians ranging in age from 25 and 34 years, with over 39% of preferences. Most likely due to the Covid-19 emergency, the least chosen gift for oneself and for others is a Trip abroad, with only the 35,5%.

The situation is different for gifts given to our loved ones. For your partner, the 34% of Italians choose articles by perfumery or jewelry. With young Millenials we come to 46 & for this category. Regarding the relatives, favorite gifts are books or editorial products (15.9% for parents and 17% for siblings).

We come instead to the 19% for children, which being a younger user, often receives game consoles, video games or entertainment related electronic devices. For the friends? They are entitled to many books (20%) and food and wine products, which are not very demanding but always very welcome, especially during the Christmas period.

Better online or in-store?

If Italians buy in-store for food and wine gifts and jewels (86% and 79.7%), the situation is different for travel and tech products, which are purchased online on 68% and 57.5% of cases.

The reason that would push the Italians to buy in the store is the possibility to observe the products closely and to test them, before buying them, as the majority of customers prefer. 55 and 64 years, who in 76.5% of cases prefer this option. This option is also very popular with young consumers of the Generation Z.

Technology dominates

Technology in recent years remains the top category when it comes to Christmas gifts. In fact, many like the idea of ​​starting the new year with a new one at hand smartphone, with over 52 & preferences. But also the smart tv (41%) is not far behind, much appreciated by customers among the 35 and 44 years old. Among the devices for cleaning the house we find the robot vacuum cleaner, the best product especially for customers among 45 and 54 years old, which in over 35% of cases they plan to buy one. The robot vacuum cleaner is flanked by thesmart dryer / washing machine, also appreciated with surprise by young people, with 25.5% of preferences.

We must also look at the budget that Italians decide to invest for their gifts. For the category technology, the 34% of Italians spend between 200 and 400 euros, 7.7% instead spends among the 600 e i 1000 euro and only the 5.9% invest over 1000 euros. The latter fall into the age group between 35 and 44 years old.

Are there still surprises under the tree?

Those never fail, they never cease to be appreciated. The 64,8% of Italians confessed that they prefer to unwrap a surprise gift, especially for those between 55 and 64 years. The Generation Z instead she loves giving surprise gifts to death for loved ones, covering the 51%.

Also, most of the Italian users prefer buy gifts in advance covering the 35,2%, especially taking advantage of trends and discounts (40.5%). A trend much appreciated especially by men (over 37%), especially those who fall into the youth age group (25-34 years) In the 43.5% of cases.

We at love Christmas and are more ready than ever to update you on the best Christmas offers to list. Follow us on our site to stay updated with us on upcoming news to find the gifts that are right for you.

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