Dead Space: The Remake has been in development for just over two years

While waiting for Dead Space Remake, some information emerges that seems to reveal how long the game has been in development by Electronic Arts

The Dead Space saga has undoubtedly taken on an important role among fans of horror games. However, it stopped about eight years ago, with the release of Dead Space 3. The title had obtained a decidedly positive reception, despite the failure to achieve the target in the sales set by Electronic Arts, a factor that finally caused a sequel to be canceled.

Since then, in the Electronic Arts studios there was no more talk of new sequels, so much so that the studio author of the game, Visceral Games, was closed by EA itself. However, this year we had the opportunity to receive a big surprise from Electronic Arts, during the July EA Play at E3: it had announced the start of the development of Dead Space Remake, however clarifying how it was. still in the early stages.

How long has the Dead Space Remake been in development?

The Remake of Dead Space has been entrusted to the EA Motive studio, which will take care of the development of the title by recreating it in all its forms. All the developers who have to do with the game have confirmed how we were still at the beginning of production, but it was never clearly stated when the works started. So, fans are eagerly awaiting, and the questions about how long it will take to see Dead Space in a modern key are increasingly pressing, considering also the rumors that they report autumn next year as their release period. In any case, on Linkedin, through the resumes of some members of the development team or EA it is possible to see how long they have been working on the game in question.

Dead Space: The Remake has been in development for just over two years

Taking a look at Gameplay Tech Lead Pierre Vincent Bélisle’s resume, it can be seen that he has been working on the remake since October 2020. Reading other CVs, we find Senior Producer Philippe Ducharmer, who would undertake his role at EA Motive starting last August, and the same goes for Xavier Perreault, the studio’s Senior Environment Artist.

Among the members who would have started first, is Senior VX Artist Maximilien Faubert, who joined the team for the Remake from July 2020. It can therefore be inferred that this reworking of Dead Space has been running for at least fifteen months, and therefore should be released after two and a half years of development. This is a short enough time to be able to make a remake by the fall of 2022, and for this reason it may be that the game has actually been in development since before July.

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