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The most common gambling risks

Gambling carries many risks. What are the most popular? Let’s find out in this article

Italians are big fans of gambling and sports betting. They love to bet and have hours of fun on different non-AAMS-ADM online casinos. And they are always looking for new and exciting ones by comparing them on

But the game is good as long as it is fun. Many people gamble without developing addictive behavior or other problems. On the other hand some tend to play excessively. In this case there is a risk of losing control and developing what has been defined as a real addiction. This has consequences that affect the mental health of the player and obviously also the financial one.

The most common gambling risks

Types of gambling and their associated risks

As already mentioned, Italians love gambling. Among the most popular pastimes in non-AAMS casinos, they revel in various types of amusements such as:

  • Sports betting, especially on football with all the inherent tournaments
  • Slot Machines
  • Roulette
  • Poker online
  • Scratch and win
  • Instant lotteries

These are very addictive games but they can unleash the player a certain compulsivity. In the case of sport bets it’s easy to get emotionally carried away by the results of your favorite team. In addition, if any event leads to the loss of the bet, the desire to try again with ever greater sums and more complicated combinations can be triggered, hoping to recover the previous bets.

Slot machines e roulette they can lead the player to want to tempt fate excessively and look for the right jackpot or box, losing track of the amounts played.

Il poker it is a competitive game, here the psychological factor of challenge and revenge against other opponents can take over.

Scratch cards and instant lotteries they give the hope of being able to win in a simple and immediate way, without having to engage in strategies, statistics or wait for external events. Plus there’s the desire to get to the super prize, the one that could really change your life.

The most common gambling risks

Financial impact

Surely one of the greatest risks of those suffering from gambling addiction is to lose a lot of money and affect their economic stability and that of his loved ones.

One suggestion to minimize this problem, would be to establish a budget to devote to the game. A weekly or monthly amount that will never, ever be exceeded.

You could use a prepaid card with the desired amount to bet inside. Once exhausted, you will have to wait for the set day to recharge.

Emotional and social impact

Gambling addiction also has serious consequences in the sphere of social relationships. It often tends to become more nervous, dissatisfied and withdrawn into themselves. This repressed, dissatisfaction can also lead to anger and depression.

For this, as soon as the player realizes that he has one of these symptoms it’s good to ask for help. There are predisposed entities but also the affection and understanding of one’s loved ones will make the difference in this journey.

The most common gambling risks

The role of responsible gaming

For all the reasons listed above, it is understood that the role of responsible gaming is absolutely important. copen your limitsbeing able to stop when you overdo it and having the courage to ask for help are very important factors.

A good strategy to promote responsible gambling and protect players is to study the mechanics of the game itself. The information can help you understand how much and how to play, without having to fall into excess.

Current commercial promotions and warnings play a vital role in preventing an addiction.

Tips to reduce the risks of gambling

The best tips for reduce the risk of addiction from gambling for Italian players can be:

  • Self-exclusion from the platform
  • Time limitation
  • Search for safe gaming platforms

The most common gambling risks


In this article we dealt with the theme of gambling addiction focusing on the various types of gambling and their associated risks, the social, mental and financial repercussions and the importance of adopting a responsible gambling style.

It is good to follow all the advice we have listed and keep the game at a level of fun, without running the risk of overdoing it. It is very important to ask for help. If you feel that gambling is becoming an obsession, an anxiety, a real malaise for you, don’t be afraid and never be ashamed to turn to professionals that they can help you. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!