The new Fiat 600e presented!

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The new Fiat600e was presented with all the features and specifications. Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated news

Fiat is bringing more colors to Italian cities with the launch of the new Fiat 600e, an electric B-SUV that promises to eliminate the monotonous gray from urban streets. This vehicle is already available for online booking and was recently presented on the streets of Turin. The Fiat 600e is available in two initial versions, Red and Launch Editionboth with a power of 152 HP and a range of up to 600 km for charging in the urban cycle. The base price starts from 35,950 euros, and the first customers will be able to get behind the wheel starting from October.

This new model was developed on the Stellantis Group’s advanced eCMP2 platform and was designed to be a true heir to the Fiat 500. Furthermore, for the Italian market, the Fiat 600 will also be available in a 100 HP petrol hybrid version, with launch prices starting from 21,950 euros and availability expected from dealerships at the beginning of 2024. This hybrid version is capable of moving in fully electric mode until 50% of time in the city, contributing to the goal of reduce emissions.

The new Fiat 600e presented!

Fiat 600e: a concentration of comfort and power

The Fiat 600e was designed to offer more space, technology, comfort and sustainability than the 500X. Furthermore, the materials used for the Red setup include the 91% recycled fibres, demonstrating a commitment to the environment. During a preview test in the Turin hills, the 600e proved to be a silent, easy-to-handle vehicle suitable for both city and out-of-town driving. Its battery life and quick charging options make it a practical choice for many needs.

The Fiat 600e fits into the B segment of the Fiat range, alongside the 500X, following a tradition of success for the brand in this sector. This strategy will allow Fiat to gradually introduce the new model in Europe without leaving gaps in the market. In conclusion, the Fiat 600e brings a touch of freshness and sustainability to Italian roads, offering a range of options to meet different customer needs, both through its fully electric and petrol hybrid versions. With its attractive design and convincing performance, it promises to be an attractive choice for motorists looking for a modern and eco-friendly driving experience.

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