Two professional photographers tested the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Here are the results

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Two renowned professional photographers, Stephen Wilkes e Reuben Wuthey tested the camera of iPhone 15 Pro Max and shared their impressions of his photography skills. And they seem thrilled with the results.

iPhone 15 Pro Max, the test of professional photographers

The photographic sector of iPhone 15 Pro Max it allows you to take really interesting shots, as Wilkes and Wu explained to People (via iPhone Italia). With 24MP shots from the 48MP main lens and a telephoto lens with 5x zoom capability, it opens up new creative possibilities for photographers.

Wilkes and Wu used the iPhone 15 Pro Max to capture a series of breathtaking shots, demonstrating the device’s potential. According to Wilkes, the quality of the images produced by the iPhone 15 Pro Max is comparable to that obtained with traditional photographic equipment.

Stephen Wilkes “The Endless Summer,” scattato con iPhone 15 Pro Max. STEPHEN WILKES/APPLE

One of the main features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera system is the versatility. Apple implemented different focal lengths in the main camera, callowing users to choose between 24mm, 28mm and 35mm thanks to the 48MP sensor. Furthermore, there is a macro mode, an ultra-wide-angle camera and a 2x zoom using the main camera. Wilkes also praised the 120mm telephoto lens, which offers 5x zoom, for its brightness and clarity.

Another notable update is the default setting HEIF da 24 MP, which provides high resolution images with remarkable contrast. This setting gives users the ability to create highly scalable works of art directly from their iPhone.

apple iphone 15 pro max professional photographers minReuben Wu, “The Inner Landscape,” scattata con iPhone 15 Pro Max. REUBEN WU/APPLE

Photographers therefore seem very impressed by the smartphone, which for many users remains the only camera available. Having the ability to take quality shots even without a dedicated device certainly appeals to these users. Although to create shots like those of Wu and Wilkes, you also need the artist’s eye.