The new Ford Mustang is about to arrive: the return of the V8

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The company’s Italian Instagram profile makes us think that an announcement on the new Ford Mustang could be very close and in the post we hear a very pleasant noise that will make enthusiasts jump for joy

As we already mentioned a few days ago, Ford will continue to produce V8 engines and it seems that it is now about to prove it. On the Italian Instagram profile of Fordin fact, a post was published with an attached video in which we can hear the noise of V8 engine. So it seems that the company is keeping its word and that we might see the engine again in the new Ford Mustang. This is certainly great news for all fans of the brand who have followed the company for many years and driven a model from the Ford Mustang line up.

When can we expect the new Ford Mustang?

The first thing we notice in the post description is a date, which indicates the day February 1, 2024. This date therefore makes us expect that we will receive news regarding the new model of the Mustang series. The second thing you notice (and this is the one that attracts the most attention and gives you goosebumps) is the wonderful engine noise. This therefore suggests that the car’s engine is of type traditional, in fact the sound is clearly that of the iconic Mustang engine roar. The fans exploded with joy and you can read it in the comments under the post. Those who can’t wait, those who say they get excited every time they start their car, the fact remains that people are happy and celebrate the presence of a new car with internal combustion engine. This makes us reflect on electric cars, which are leading us to have increasingly less noisy and roaring cars.

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