The new Mass Effect may be in development on Unreal Engine 5

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It seems the rumors may be genuine: the new Mass Effect it may be in development on the graphics engine Unreal Engine 5. To confirm this unofficially is the producer of BioWare Brenon Holmes, who has recently published a job search tweet for a professional with experience of the Unreal Egine 4 and 5 graphics engine, precisely for the development of the next Mass Effect.

Mass Effect: will the new chapter be in Unreal Engine 5?

“Come, join our team and work with us on the next Mass Effect game!” Wrote Holmes on Twitter. Of course, the fact that it is mentioned Unreal Engine 5 does not fully confirm that the new Mass Effect game will run from this very graphics engine. However, the reporter Jeff Grubb, who was among the first to report that the game could use the Unreal Engine, insisted on this line of thinking, specifying that it is precisely the Unreal Engine 5.

In September, Grubb reported that BioWare was considering its options for choosing which graphics engine to use for the next Mass Effect game, with Unreal on the table. SHE has always had its own game engine, Frostbite, but it appears that for Shepard’s next space adventure it has been sidelined, in favor of Epic’s software.

A choice that does not surprise that much, given that BioWare had already explained in the past that Frostbite was a difficult graphics engine to use for projects of the caliber of Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game in which the team had to deal with several problems related to this development software.

The hopes of a gear change, in short, are quite concrete, but to have a definitive confirmation we will have to wait for official news from the software house, for which we may have to wait a long time, given that the next Mass Effect should still be in the early stages of development.